Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Street Shopping

Behold the latest street shopping finds:

And... yes!  That is a Le Creuset pan.  Seriously, who chucks out a Le Creuset pan?  Both in the same pile along with a whole bunch of vintage tools.  Luke, one of the apprentices working on our renovation, as soon as I mentioned that there were tools in the same pile jumped into his ute and drove around the block to claim all the tools!

The fry pan has a new home in our kitchen.  I will have to show you a photo post-reno as that is currently a construction site.

The little guy's new toy box. 

I love council clean up!!!


  1. That box is great!

    I have a friend who gave away an entire set of vintage, orange Le Cruset. I think I cried when she told me.

  2. The pan is fantastic - is it's non stick surface OK? There are people who will recoat it if not.

  3. You are kidding!! That's the score of the century! Love that box and the Le Creuset speaks for itself. The toy box is perfect. Pxxx

  4. FREE Le Creuset, score!!! House is looking great! Note to Julie commentor above, I would murder a friend if they gave away a set of Le Creuset to somebody else!!!

  5. Lucky lucky you! Great finds :) XOL

  6. Wow! Who would throw out that frying pan, they are sooo expensive. I love the wooden box too, very cool. Great finds Emma. xo

  7. That pan is an absolutely amazing find! We are trying to build up our Le Creuset cook ware collection but gosh it's pricey, I can't fathom why someone would throw it out!

    My Mum & Step-dad had a fry pan just like that when I was a kid (same lovely bright orange!) and it still gets daily use - they seem to last forever.

  8. Hi Emma! I finally got to your blog!

    The renovations are looking fantastic..I adore everything you've done and that box IS the find of the century. How come I never find anything like that.

    See you soon!


  9. fantastic finds ... i would love to find some wooden boxes like that for toys and pot plants. you have inspired me to get to the next clean up x

  10. I am GREEN with envy over your finds. A Le Creuset pan? That's fantastic! And that toy box will be the envy of parents everywhere.



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