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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Life lately...

My orchids are flowering again, two of them for the second time in a 3 month period.  Friends keep sending me photos of miserable and dead wilted  orchids asking what it is that they are doing wrong.  I seriously have no idea what it is that I do right though.  I did write a post on how I look after mine not that long ago if anyone is actually interested.  I wonder if it is the spectacular antique ginger jars they are housed in.  Speaking of which does anyone know where to source genuine ginger jars from in Australia?  Not, the mass produced ones that you see everywhere but authentic antique jars?  My Mum was telling me that when they were buying these in the 1970s,  way back when they were on posting in Cambodia it was hard to source genuine jars even back then.  I imagine it is next to impossible these days but still, I would love to know if anyone ever comes across them.  I particularly would love to know more about mine as well.

Another view of them bathed in a sunset pink glow a few nights ago.  The sunsets in Sydney have been truly spectacular recently.  

My Mother's Day sleep in came courtesy of Scrabble.  It is a new obsession in this house.  I am secretly delighted as the Monopoly Board has been hurled a few too many times lately and Scrabble is something I would actually choose to play.  My friends used to roll their eyes at me regularly whenever we were on holidays together and I would pull out the board games or a pack of cards. So  I must say I am thrilled that I now have willing and able board game buddies at my beck and call, especially ones that are actually able to play the games I want to play.  I am thinking it might be time to teach them 500 or cribbage.  

My darling boys both chose Cyclamens for me from the Mother's Day gift stall at school, they know me well!  I could not have asked for a more perfect gift from them.  I even love how H selected white and N picked out pink!  I have them together on a shelf in the kitchen and they look so pretty together.  

My Mother's Day gift from Ross was this stunning and ever so pretty dress from Magali Pascal.  Ross chose it for me in Bali a couple of weeks ago when he was over there working (again, lucky thing!!) and I love it!  It pains me to admit this, but I think he might be better at picking out clothes for me than I am.  I feel so lucky and privileged, thank you Ross, N and H, I had a lovely day.  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I've been busy....

...but first,  Friday Phone Dump...

My sidekick, we both love Pablo & Rusty's

This is what he orders.  

I tend to have either a Flat White or a Piccolo Latte, depending upon the time of day.

Cute bedroom ideas from a magazine in a coffee shop... I think it was Country Style...

So love this!

And this!

Dinner with husband at Manly Wine, food so so.  Atmosphere... fabulous!!!

Armchair Collective (consistently good coffee, food and homewares!)

Love that orange piping.  Trying to convince husband to do something bold like this with the Parker Chairs he has in his office.

The Captain's latest art work.

It's a Thorny Devil!

Marc Jacobs Mouse Ballet Flats that I think need to come home with me. 

Also, think I need this.  My favourite drink is a toss up between a Pimms and a Champagne Cocktail!  

...and now to the busy side of things.  I have been organising a Trivia Night Fundraiser for 80 people and have been canvassing Sydney for prizes and donations!  Anyway, it is tonight so I have my fingers and toes crossed that it all goes well!!!  Have a lovely weekend everyone! xx

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Advice needed....

Yesterday, about 6.30pm husband phoned me and said I know you won't be happy to hear this but I got the dates wrong for the (Ronald McDonald House Charities) Ball, it is actually next weekend.  Hmmm.  He is lucky it is Father's Day tomorrow.  Thinking I had plenty of time to get a dress for it I had bookmarked a couple of dresses online and made a hair appointment, but that is it...

My main fear is that I won't be able to find a dress this week, partly because I don't have the time to dedicate to shopping and partly because I don't want to spend lots of money on a dress I am not completely happy with and will get minimal usage out of, genuine Black Tie is not that common a dress code these days!  So... I do have a dress that I love, albeit one that I have got a fair bit of mileage out of already though, well for a floor length gown!  Bridesmaid at one wedding, guest at another and a St Vincent's Gala Ball a few years ago.  So my dilemma is, is it okay to wear the dress again next weekend?  There will be a few people that attended the St Vincent's Ball that will also be at this one, including colleagues of my husbands.

This is the dress in question.  I just took it out of the box so ignore all the creases!

This is what it looks like on.

This photo was taken at the Wedding but I wore it with the same wrap to the Gala Ball and wore my hair up in a similar style. Low bun, sort of messy and slightly to the right as the dress ties around the neck on the left.  Do you think if I change the wrap and do something a bit different with my hair I can get away with it?  There is a 2 year gap between wearings as well!  Or should I milk this for all it's worth and go and buy something new? I know, first world problems and all but would love to know all your thoughts!   


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