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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Life lately....

... has been busy. 

A shopping trip to Brisbane.

Nicasso's latest art work.

School holiday activities.  (...that would be the Colosseum made out of Lego)

The Mummy of a 5 year old boy who was missing a tooth (discovered recently via x-ray apparently).  Both were fascinated.

Armchair Collective.

Dinner at Hugo's Manly.  Beef carpaccio is back on the menu, thank you universe for answering.

Peonies from my parents garden.

Looking perfect in my kitchen!!!

The view from my bed when the Jacarandas are in flower is magic.

Love that they are still not too old to try and build these crazy towers out of wood blocks.

A darling little friend for a sleepover.

Admiring street art.

There's also been a trip to Melbourne.  The boys are quite the fans of the pool at The Olsen. I wanted to steal the towels.  I didn't though.

Admiring the Christmas windows at David Jones in the city.

This child is impossibly cool.

This child is still impossibly cute. 

A trip to the Opera House to see 'Twas the night before Christmas.  

and much, much more.... to be documented at some point soon hopefully.  

Merry Christmas to all. xx

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

There's a mad scientist in the house and he is seven!

 Happy Birthday Captain.  At seven you are quite the artist, your art teacher asked to buy one of your art works.  I said no, I wanted it.  You are the fastest runner in your class.  You love reading and read prolifically, well thumbed books are Beast Quest, Zac Power, James and the Giant Peach and the Famous Five. Your favourite toys are Lego and Playmobil Top Agents.  You can climb any tree, rope or pole like a monkey.  I frequently have to reassure people as you wave to us from the top of a lamp post that you are fine.  Your favourite foods are pizza, pink lady apples and those revolting cheese and bacon rolls from Baker's Delight.  You still skip your way around a soccer field and daydream instead of following the ball, I will be so sad when you stop doing this.  You love science club and fencing at school, skiing is another favourite.  At school you still love to play BB's vs Fairy House and construct elaborate cubby houses out of sticks and stones.  I love that your school allows you to do this.  When you grow up you want to be a paleontologist or a policeman.  You are going to marry Bronte.  I hope you always have a Bronte in your life.   Your Dad and I love your style, your Dad thinks you have an element of Ferris Bueller about you.

Sometimes I can see it!

Happy Birthday Captain!  

Monday, May 21, 2012

Life lately...

Nicasso's latest masterpiece on display at the school art show.  Sold to Mummy for the princely sum of $20.  It is called  "Mr Peacock feather"

Money well spent I say, it will look fabulous hanging in our house!

Library bags that I have been busy whipping up for the school fair and would you believe... I made all of them in a week.  Considering I don't sew, this was no easy task!  I even lined them all.  My Grandma would have been so proud of me for this.  I copied the ones that she made me when I started school,  a long long time ago... in the 1970s (shudder) and that I still use to this day.

 Lastly, me modelling my lovely Mother's Day gift.  A gorgeous necklace from Dinosaur Designs, thank you my beautiful boys.

Now that the school fair is out of the way I kind of feel, for the first time in ages that I have a bit of spare time on my hands again.  Woohoo, and now that I am getting into sewing (so can't believe I just typed that) I am thinking of trying to make some cushions.  Is it hard... does anyone out there know how to make them?  I really want to learn as firstly lovely cushions are always super expensive and half the time the inserts are still polyester rubbish, grrrrr.  I would rather buy some decent feather inserts and make my own cushions from gorgeous fabrics if it isn't ridiculously hard.   Although, I do have to start planning the little one's 4th birthday party.  How can he be nearly 4 already?  I am going to have to stop calling him the Baby. Oh  no, does this mean I will have to change the blog title to Two Pirates.... they are hardly little anymore. Sob!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Photo Challenge - Day 13

"Yourself with thirteen things"

Technically I am in the photo... there is a photo of me pregnant with the Captain in amongst those items!  All the items that I have chosen are cherished:

1. My bed (it somehow manages to look prisitne amongst the chaos of renovating!)
2.  Tolix stool (if only it was vintage... one day, some day I will have a set of vintage Tolix chairs and stools)
3. Fresh flowers in jam jars (they make me happy, look beautiful and remind me of my wedding day).

4. & 5.  I collect vintage children's books and I have way too many of these old Enid Blytons. Yes, I have some complete collections.  I started collecting them as a small child.

6.  See there I am... photo taken the day before I had The Captain.   Edited to keep things decent.
7.  iPad.  I used to loathe it, it's growing on me.

8. Current favourite sunglasses.  Husband gives me such a hard time about them, he reckons I am trying to relive my youth.  I asked him what he would like to do for his 50th.
9. My watch.  My father gave it to my mother for her 21st birthday, they in turn gave it to me.  It is 43 years old, doesn't need a battery and is still going strong. 
10. Frog.  Picked him up in a tiny little gallery outside Canberra when I was at university.  He has lived on the kitchen window sill in every house I have lived in over the past 18 years.  He even survived a break in.

11. & 12.The outfits the boys wore home from hospital. 

13.  A drawing the Captain did when he had just turned four.  It is of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, drawn from a photo.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nicasso and the Avant-Garde art movement

Captain Nicasso has entered his Cubism phase, aged 4 years! He has spent roughly a week creating this and is so proud of it that he took it to pre-school with him this morning for show and tell. R and I are very pleased that the realism phase seems to be over and can only hope that there is no further disgracing of the family at Pre-School.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Nicasso's latest masterpiece!

Collecting The Captain on wednesday from pre-school he gleefully waves his latest painting at me. "Oh it's lovely darling," I dutifully say. "Yes Mummy," he says to me in his loud clear voice, "it is of you and Daddy drinking wine." All the other mothers nearby smother giggles and the teacher is practically in hysterics. "Don't worry" one Mum says kindly to me, "Alexander's first word was 'wine!'"

Note, the wine glasses in our hands (not bad for a 4 year old!) I can't believe that this is what he chose to paint us doing though! The little monkey! :


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