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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The brave knight turns 7!

The little guy just turned seven and to celebrate his birthday, we recently hosted a Brave Knight's Birthday party.  His school just did a unit on Knights, Castles and Fairy Tales and I believe this  might have inspired his theme of choice.  He certainly has a passion for Knights and Castles now.

He chose the "Fleur de Lis" ("We learnt about the Lily in Italian at school Mummy!" The indignant response when I asked how he knew what the Fleur de Lis signified) and the Phoenix for the banners.

The brilliant Sir Ian of KnightQuest Birthday Parties came to supervise the jousting, dragon slaying, sword fighting and generally keep the twenty five little boys, sorry brave Knights, in order!  He did an amazing job and if anyone needs a brave Knight, I can recommend Sir Ian!

The nearly 10 year old had to be persuaded to participate, refused to wear his Knight's costume, insisted on wearing his beloved Hawaiian shirt, claimed it was all going to be boring and in the end had the time of his life!

So, at seven, H you are still my darling baby (and always will be!).  You are well read.  Current favourite books are The Famous Five series, Roald Dahl, Charlotte's Web and any Atlas, book about Birds and Wildlife or similar nature guide.  The most well thumbed of these is The Reader's Digest Complete Book of Australian Birds which you leaf through regularly.  Despite the fact that it probably weighs more than you do!  It delights me no end that one of my children finally appreciates Enid Blyton and as a reward I permit you to read the original first editions.  Books that I have spent most of my lifetime collecting and are extremely valuable collectable! 

Your love of nature and the outdoors is limitless.  You would rather be outside at all times.  You rarely watch any television and have little interest in any screen time at all.  

Your determination to win at all costs is alarming.  You disgraced yourself at tennis lessons recently when you lost a game for the first time (against a boy much older than you!) and hurled your tennis racket over the fence.  I wish I could say that you had witnessed this sort of behaviour on television, but as you rarely watch any I can't.  This determination doesn't stop at tennis unfortunately, you are determined to be the best at everything you try.  Your school report reflects this as does your track record at almost every sport you put your mind to.  

Despite this determination and ambition you are the sweetest, most affectionate child.  You are adored by everyone.  Your best friend is Dexter.  Your favourite colour is red.  If you could be an animal you would be a lion.  Your favourite sport is cricket.   You are constantly practicing your bowling technique.  Your favourite food is pasta.  You are going to be a ski instructor when you grow up, indeed you managed to land your first 180 on your birthday last week!  A pretty cool birthday present!  Happy Birthday my darling boy.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The 5 year old

So the next Steve Backshall  is 5.  As a future naturalist it was only appropriate he had a Bush Birthday Party.

At 5 years old you are the loveliest little boy, an absolute joy to us all.  There is  both a quiet gentleness about you (that I adore) and simultaneously a loud, rambunctious wildness about you too.  

Your best friend is Joshua and the two of you hang out together all day long at preschool apparently.  Your favourite TV show is Deadly 60 of course, although you don't mind Operation Ouch either.  Apart from these two shows you are not a big fan of TV, you would rather be outside.  You are a perfectionist... (I don't like too think too hard about where this trait came from!) and very competitive.  You want to be the best at everything and I admire your determination. You can read already and it won't be long before you are reading chapter books.  Probably before you start school even.  Your favourite colour is yellow, orange will do though in a pinch.  Your adore spaghetti and meatballs made by your Dad and pizza from Hugo's or Cavallino's. You are still very attached to Big and Little.  The other day, whilst watching the Tour with your dad, you announced that you were going for yellow as it was your favourite colour.  Going for yellow in the Tour is a safe bet!  Later when they handed the days winner his lion en peluche, a toy lion that is remarkably similar to your beloveds Big and Little, you squealed with excitement and said that one day you were going to win one.  As much as your father would love this I would prefer that you stuck to cycling as a purely recreational activity! 

Happy Birthday my darling boy.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

There's a mad scientist in the house and he is seven!

 Happy Birthday Captain.  At seven you are quite the artist, your art teacher asked to buy one of your art works.  I said no, I wanted it.  You are the fastest runner in your class.  You love reading and read prolifically, well thumbed books are Beast Quest, Zac Power, James and the Giant Peach and the Famous Five. Your favourite toys are Lego and Playmobil Top Agents.  You can climb any tree, rope or pole like a monkey.  I frequently have to reassure people as you wave to us from the top of a lamp post that you are fine.  Your favourite foods are pizza, pink lady apples and those revolting cheese and bacon rolls from Baker's Delight.  You still skip your way around a soccer field and daydream instead of following the ball, I will be so sad when you stop doing this.  You love science club and fencing at school, skiing is another favourite.  At school you still love to play BB's vs Fairy House and construct elaborate cubby houses out of sticks and stones.  I love that your school allows you to do this.  When you grow up you want to be a paleontologist or a policeman.  You are going to marry Bronte.  I hope you always have a Bronte in your life.   Your Dad and I love your style, your Dad thinks you have an element of Ferris Bueller about you.

Sometimes I can see it!

Happy Birthday Captain!  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Byron Bay....

Not that we really spent any time in Byron, apart from a quick walk through a couple of the shops and one visit to Watego's Beach.  We actually spent most of our time in the pool or lounging about near it.... was hard to motivate yourself to do much else, it is possibly the most impressive pool I have ever seen at a private house.

Then around the other side of the house we had this view.  It was a struggle to leave.

The house is on a working cattle farm, complete with a miniature pony called Gypsy, who was an angel with all the children...

One evening Gypsy had to be "exercised" as she had made a glutton of herself that day.  Crimes included raiding the chicken seed and also the veggie patch. The show she put on was a performance that none of us will forget.  Thank you Gypsy for being such a character!  

The girls came to visit us everyday and were equally as charming. 

We did manage to drag ourselves out of the house a few times.  Bangalow was fabulous and well worth a visit.  Loved exploring all the little shops,  favourites were Bangalow Lounge and brauerbirds.  

Food highlights included Cafe Marius (Lennox Head), probably the best coffee we found in the area and outstanding food.  I can't stop thinking about the breakfast chimigchanga!  Delicious!

... and an absolute must is a meal at Harvest.  A divine restaurant in Newrybar, about 20k out of Byron.   Amazing food, atmosphere and service. Afterwards pop into the deli next door to pick up some fresh bread and cheese.  You won't regret it.  I adored our meal there and the people watching is A1 as well.

It was a fantastic holiday!  Thank you so much to D and V and their families who made fairly epic journeys to come and celebrate my birthday with me.  Truly special friends that I feel very lucky to have, thank you girls! 


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