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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I am feeling a bit in need of a holiday.  I don't know if it is because it is school holidays and I feel like I am supposed to be on holiday or if I am missing my old life a fraction.  In my former life I was a flight attendant, a job I absolutely loved! Plenty of opportunity for travel,  suprisingly generous rest time and holidays, plus the very unique bonus of an ever changing workplace and workforce.  I don't miss those carts at all or the occasional tedious passenger.  I do miss the people, the lifestyle and the travel though, in particular Bangkok!

I have a bit of a passion for Thailand, probably because I was born there and also because it is such a wonderful place to visit. 

Some of my favourite things about Bangkok include:

The unique gardens!

The Markets.  The photo above is of the Suan Luam Night Bazaar.  Lots of small shops and some fabulous outdoor restaurants.  Nothing like the notorious (and horrid) Patpong Market.  For daytime markets either travel out of town to the Damnoen Saduak (the floating market) and a must is the Chatuchak Weekend Market.  I have been going to Chatuchak since I was a little girl and am still in awe each visit. 

River life.  Never take a tuk tuk or a taxi if possible. Travel on the river taxi's.  It is the best way to see the city and so much faster and cheaper.  The average fare is less than a $1!  Bangkok is built along a river and is interlaced with canals so it really is a marvellous and scenic way to travel. 

Yes, Bangkok is grimy and corrupt but there is also a remarkable beauty in this unique and dynamic city if you look for it.  I am longing to return. 

Sunday, December 21, 2008


We left Cambodia and it’s lovely people (well in Siem Reap anyway) after a fabulous afternoon hanging out at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club. Where we spent the afternoon lazily watching the river traffic pass by along the Mekong and the frantic chaos of the streets below. We were also able catch up on the international newspapers and explore the art museum next door before we flew back to Thailand that evening. Thai Airways even managed not to lose our bags or force us to run through airports so I foolishly thought that things were starting to look up! The next day we flew to Krabi (again no incident with Thai Air!) and our hotel was absolute tropical opulence, I was beside myself with glee! We spent the day down at the pool and on the beach. It was the most wonderful day. I lounged by the pool and on the beach reading a trashy chick lit book that I borrowed from the hotel library, whilst Ross went for a walk exploring the length of the beach. He was gone for hours. We then swam in the ocean with the hotel’s baby elephant “Lala." After that glorious day by the pool and on the beach we had a fabulous seafood dinner at a restaurant tucked in amongst the palm trees along the beach a couple of hundred metres from the hotel .We looked out at the "James Bond islands" poking out from the ocean and watched the sunset whilst eating the most delicious meal. We were both so relaxed and happy, (although we had some fabulous meals at the Soup Dragon in Siem Reap), it was just all so easy after Cambodia. We made plans with a local boat owner to go out in the morning for a tour of the islands and a snorkel and then went back to the hotel to the outdoor cinema where we relaxed in hammocks and the staff wrapped us in warm towels and fed us ice creams whilst we watched a movie. Yes – that is what this hotel was like which is why I couldn’t believe what happened the next morning…

Bangkok (forget that hostel from the beach...)

Ross is taking over all responsibility for booking accommodation on any future holidays...Embarassingly, I had not booked any accommodation in Bangkok… Ross was furious with me when we were walking down Khao San Road at 2 0’clock in the morning with our backpacks trying to find somewhere to stay! Looking back now, I am not quite sure what I was thinking (as the same thing had happened to me last time I went to Bangkok with Veronica, less than 4 months ago too, hmmm can’t believe that I am sharing this information with everyone!) We finally found a hostel that had two single beds. (Perfect for a honeymooning couple). I was starting to be furious with myself by this time. I couldn’t believe that I might be jeopardizing the health of my baby. I had responsibilities now! I was trying to be positive and seeing the entire event as quite humorous and in keeping with my desire to be spontaneous and my hatred of travel agents and itinerarys. Ross was not sharing this enthusiasm however and mine was certainly starting to wane by the time we finally found somewhere to sleep. Well “somewhere” was horrible. Imagine the worst flea bitten, filthy third world backpacker joint you can and there you go…that’s where Ross and I spent the first night of our honeymoon and my first night knowing I was pregnant. I kept putting my hand on my stomach as if to reassure you that it was all going to be okay. We hardly slept that night and we both slept fully clothed. In retrospect it is quite funny (now) actually!


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