Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Street Shopping

I adore Council Clean Up! Truly someone else's trash is often my treasure! I know how much my street scavenging irritates my husband though, so in the car as we make our way through a neighbourhood that is having Council Clean Up, I very discreetly move my eyes over the piles of inviting treasure rubbish until I spot something that has potential. I am then forced to abandon reserve and screech "STOP THE CAR!!!" at my husband. A mad dash follows, incase one of the dodgy old men in trucks gets to the must-have item before I do. Then there is either joy (from me) as I lug the item back to the car and insist we take it home and excessive eye rolling (from husband) as he futilely attempts to prevent me from taking my treasure home! Or there is disappointment (from me) when I approach the item and discover it is damaged beyond repair or not actually what I thought it was, and annoying smug looks (from husband) as he is delighted that the item truly was rubbish. As much as my love for Street Shopping annoys my husband, he is forced to admit that I have found some gems over the years and this is my most recent wonderful find:

I love it!

NB. Please disregard ugly 1980s fabric on the cane lounges. These are yet to be re-upholstered and I have decided to wait until after we finish renovating to have them done. Researching outdoor fabrics in the meantime though!


  1. oh emma i LOVE it and i LOVE the sofa....i know what you mean about treasure ! so much fun when you find the perfect piece of treasure!!!

  2. Great find! Sounds like we're living parallel lives re. council cleanup, my hubbie is the same as yours when he sees me trudging up the street with all sorts of crap (as he outs it). When I lived in Randwick it was fab, 2 mega cleanups a year but where I live now they're just monthly on call ones, nowhere near as good!

  3. Absolutely fabulous find! I'm the same, I love council cleanups... It's like finding that unbelievable piece at Vinnie's isn't it... Good job here. Pruxxx P.S. I love your cane lounge and your house looks amazing.

  4. Love it!! See I knew we were destined to know each other, I have been known to rescue the oddest of things - old cane bird cage - and try and bring them back to life (in that case, all hope was lost when said cage collapsed into 3 million pieces)

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! And I'm exactly like you - I love finding treasures in other people's junk!!! ;-)

  6. Hi Emma,

    Just got back from a little garage sale shopping on the coast and have been dreaming of a cane lounge like the one above - i just found one for $5.00 (fantastic) off to give it a good old clean, white paint and dreaming of fabric - x



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