Sunday, July 1, 2012

Best Birthday Party Ever - The Busytown Birthday Party

We have all been super sick here at Pirate HQ.  Three visits to the GP, two at home visits from the after hours Doctor and one little Pirate with a fever so high he started hallucinating, kind of sick.  Possibly the real flu our GP thinks.  Nevertheless, by Thursday evening we were given the all clear and so decided to go ahead and have The Best Birthday Party Ever! 

Thursday and Friday were thus spent whipping up all sorts of brightly coloured party food.  Remarkably almost all of it was made with natural colours!

I couldn't bring myself to bake the ubiquitous rainbow cake though, he got a basic butter cake with 100s and 1000s on top instead!

Felt Lowly Worms from Scarry's  Best Make It Book Ever he did get though! He adored them and sat watching me make them fascinated by the process. (They are super easy if any one is scared of giving it a go!)

The cup cake toppers I made using a scrap booking hole punch thing from Spotlight, double sided sticky tape, toothpicks and a dog-eared, scribbled all over copy of an old Scarry Golden Book.

We set up a play Busytown using the Thomas train tracks turned over to the road side and various wooden cars and trucks.  Running down the centre of the table we had the fold out Busytown Lift the Flap Book.

Party games included the great Goldbug scavenger hunt.  I gathered all the kids together and showed them how in Cars and Trucks and Things that Go there is a Goldbug hidden on every page.  Then explained that they had to go and find all the Goldbugs hidden in the garden.  

There was also the great sack race.....

                                                                  ..... which did end in tears....

Happy Birthday Mr 4!


  1. So glad everyone is feeling better! What a fabulous party! Everything looks beautiful and the birthday candles are darling! Happy 4th birthday to your little guy!

  2. I'm so glad to hear that you are all feeling better it sounds like the bugs really nasty. Oh wow what a great party you created for your little one. You came up with some great games and I love the way you set up the table with the train set, perfect idea for little boys. Happy 4th birthday to your little boy. xx

  3. Love it all! the rainbow colour scheme looks great, and those Lowly Worms are just the absolute bees knees. Liongirl is turning 4 in December and is alternating between the bog standard pink princess them or a witch theme. I have a feeling I know which one will prevail.... You did very well and did Richard Scarry great justice I might add. We have had sick kids and rain too for the first week of school hols and I am just back from the edge of completely loopy. melx

  4. Wow this looks amazing and even more fabulous considering the flu has at your house - you must a full on super guru mama! Happy birthday to your little pirate. Glad he was well for his birthday!

  5. cool party...... you don't need parenting books just you. All your posts just appeared in my dash at once so am catching up.

  6. What a fabulous party....I see that you share my children's party philosophy where EVERYTHING must be home made! (I'm still in denial about making the packet brownie). And the results with natural colours are nothing less than vibrant! Mr 4 will have these party memories for ever....what a special gift. Well done. Rx

  7. Emma I LOVE it! What a brilliant looking party. Can't believe your baby is 4....

  8. FABULOUS! You've given me a stack of ideas for my littles man's 5th birthday party! Glad you're all feeling better! Nice to see your blog again, I couldn't log in to it privately, hope you sort out the Pinterest issue!

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  10. Sounds like you guys have had a similar virus to the one Sophie had, although it sounds as though yours was even nastier. Glad to hear you are all better and that the great party went ahead. Can I just say, you have done a wonderful job!! WOW!! I love the way you took a not so easy to organise theme and came up with such wonderful decorations and games. So glad you found that Spotlight fabric too - it looks great - I used those same spotty napkins for Grace's party too :) I love the town you set up on the table with the fold-out book - fantastic!! And your hidden bug game is genius - such a clever idea. Happy birthday to your darling Mr 4 xx

  11. That is the best party ever, love the colour and fun, great job Emma. We too had a bad week last week with flu which wa made worse by the fact it was week 1 of the boys school holidays. We're a little better this week and have another 2 weeks break so hopefully we get to have some fun.
    All the best.

  12. Oh Em. Wait until I show the pixies. What a triumph! Go you. We're huge RS fans on Planet Baby - I am *so* bookmarking this post ☺. Thanks - you're a legend! J x

  13. Hi Emma, I haven't been about in blog-land lately. But, I've just stumbled on to this post of yours and had to stop and say hi. And wow! You have fabulously kooky taste and I am SO going to work on my Oesch before his 4th birthday (6 months away). I know he thinks he wants a Thomas party.... but really he'd prefer a Busy Town party. He just doesn't know it yet! Adoring the felt Lowlies and the Goldbug treasure hunt. We've had the real flu this month too, as has almost everyone we know in Hobart. Truly horrible - I hope you've all recovered well.

  14. Oh! Yummy! The food arrangements look marvelous. It looks like a rainbow themed party, I simply loved it. I can actually take some ideas from this post for decorating one of the Los Angeles event venues for my son’s birthday party. Thanks a lot for sharing this post.



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