Friday, June 22, 2012

Parenting with the Berenstain Bears

Not sure about the rest of you but I own several parenting books, okay a lot of them.  I do have a few OCD/pefectionist type tendencies, (okay a lot of them as well) and so when it came to having children I went out and bought all the books.  You know, because I feel like I have to do it perfectly.  Then once Nicholas arrived I went and bought a whole bunch more, and then when he started getting night terrors at three I bought a whole bunch more again and so it goes on.  My most recent purchase is this book:

 Last night though, as I read the little one his bedtime story I had a bit of an "aha!" moment.  The book I was reading to him was sending me a message, forget Simplicity Parenting and The Over Scheduled Child.  No need to bother reading them.  I hereby introduce you all to:

Yes, parenting with the Berenstain Bears. 

In The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Pressure, Brother and Sister Bear have a hectic schedule with all sorts of extra-curricular activities.

Hmm... art class, check! Karate and Computer club, no but Science Club and Chess Club? Check!

Gymnastics and swimming, check!

No, ballet or horse riding classes (although The Captain has expressed interest in the latter as he knows Mummy is planning to take it back up), but we can also add:
 Tennis, Fencing and Music.

...and the Bear Family how do they cope with all this? Well Papa makes a big planner to hang on the wall:

KikkiK calendar in the kitchen, check!

Does it end in tears?


After a family meeting the Bear Family decide that two after school activities each are enough.  They each choose their two favourites.  They then go back to doing "the everyday things that most families do.  They worked and played, went to school, visited friends, enjoyed nature - and once in a while, they sat around doing absolutely nothing."  Fabulous advice for us all really!    


  1. We have a few of these books too, some were mine, some were new from fetes etc. And parenting books by the truckload? check check check! Yep type A personality over here too, just a messy creative variant. I like the ethos of this book and totally agree. We do swimming in summer and ballet for Liongirl and that is it. melx

  2. Haha, I am addicted to parenting books as well, especially those focused on boys. Also a lover of the Kikki K calender AND diary. Off to the book store for the Berenstain Bears parenting book, priceless!

  3. Ah yes some of those books have the most wonderful messages in them don't they I do think that Simplicity Parenting sounds like a good book to read too though:) I let the girls have one activity each, girl guides for one and cheer leading for the other, probably not as much as they like but enough for me;) xx

  4. keep it simple. TV is an activity isn't it??????

  5. So true! Sometimes you just forget and think that more is more when it really couldn't be further from the truth. Horse riding sounds good though....for me.....but when?! Rx

  6. Hilarious! What a great message :) It's so funny, do you know I've been meaning to buy that Simplicity Parenting book for several weeks now - I actually was all set to push 'purchase' the other day and then Sophie woke from her nap and I forgot all about it when Paul closed my window on the computer. I'm off to buy it now I've decided while I still remember... and perhaps the 'Berenstein Bear Parenting Guide' too :)

  7. Great message, I think kids are suffering from burn out these days with so many activities, 6 hours at school followed by activities is way too much! When I collect my boys from school we go home, have some fruit salad, play in the garden, do homework and just hang out, it's what they need after a long day. At the weekends there's plenty of time for swimming and soccer and meeting up with pals :-) As for parenting books, I've bought 2 in my whole life and sold them both on eBay, nobody knows what's best for their own kids than their parents :-)

  8. Ps although that "Simplicity Parenting" book does sound tempting, ha ha ;-)

  9. A cracker of a post, Em. I was terribly OCD with the parenting books first time around. Then I saw the light. I don't think I've looked at one for Sam who turns 3 next week! Loving the Berenstain Bears - they are also popular on Planet Baby ☺. J x



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