Friday, June 8, 2012

Pantry organising....

I had an email from a lovely reader asking about our pantry and how I organise it!  Ah, if only you knew... I don't really.  R does most of the cooking Chez Pirate.  Yes, I have been blessed with a husband that is an amazing cook.  I know, very lucky.  Nevertheless, despite the fact that he is the cook, I am the chief shopper and cleaner, so I guess the pantry organisation does come down to me.  Pantry design though was all husband.

Anyway, for Kirsten (and anyone else that might be interested),  here is how the pantry is organised:

On the left hand side we put in floor to ceiling shelves.  It is hard to take a photo of them without a special lens but they are big and deep.  On the top shelves, which you can only access with the kitchen stool steps, I keep this sort of stuff:

I am sure you all understand why the paints et al are treated in the same manner as other dangerous good items like First Aid Kits and Chemicals.

Below the Dangerous Good items are mostly shelves full of dry goods and other miscellaneous kitchen items. The glad wrap, alfoil and plastic baggies live in an Ikea basket together.  

Shelves look mostly like this (a pretty shelf):

Or like this (not so pretty shelf):

On the other side of the pantry is my favourite bit, the appliance shelf , all the appliances used regularly are stored here:

In the drawers/cupboards below are:

R's coffee supplies.

Lunchbox bits and pieces.

More appliances!

So there you have it, that is how the pantry is organised and please don't think it always looks this.  I did a big tidy up before I took the photos!  Now, someone ask me about garage or wardrobe organisation or something to motivate me to tidy up elsewhere!  


  1. All that glorious cupboard space has me envious!! I have a fair bit, but big deep shelves like yours would be wonderful. I think everyone's pantry's have 'neat bits' and 'not so neat' bits. It's hard to make packaged goods and tins look pretty :) I had a big pantry clean out this week too as part of my week's focus 'Operation Stock-Up' - makes me smile whenevr I walk in there now :)

  2. You are really very organized compared to myself. Love all the glass canisters! It really makes it easy to see what you have and also keeps things fresh!

  3. You've inspired me to tidy up my tiny pantry (really just a big cupboard), post to follow :-) Yours looks fab :-) what brand is your blender? Looks nice!

  4. I am in awe of your pantry. Congrats as it really is a thing of great beauty! Mine is v. messy. My mum who is house sitting our place while we are away has a penchant for tidying's hoping she has had a go at mine! Rx

  5. Hi Emma, thanks for popping over to my blog recently. I finally had time to come and visit yours and I must say i have thoroughly enjoyed having a ferret around your blog, looking at your wonderful house renos- which you seemed to have lived through and survived with your sanity intact! Also discovered that we seem to have A LOT in common, more in fact I think than any single other blog I follow. I think we are the same age, our kids seem to be about the same gap- mine are 6 months younger, I also love and collect vintage Enid Blytons,vintage fisher prices toys and roadside finds (which my husband also eye rolls over). I too try and provide my kids with lots of mud and gardens and nature and my 6 yo does not know what a DS or a Wii is either. BTW that art work from your big boy recently is fantastic- he has real talent, make sure you nurture that. We are big art fans in this house too.I also really like the style of your house,that red powder coated bed is brilliant. Anyway, will be checking in often to see what you and your gorgeous pirate are up to. melx

  6. Hello everyone, thank you for your lovely comments!

    TT - the blender is a Breville one that I have had since the mid 1990s so I am not sure if they still make them. I love it as the jug is glass, even the really expensive ones all seem to be made out of plastic these days.

    Mel- thank you so much for leaving such a lovely comment! I can't believe we have so much in common, woohoo for blogging and meeting such fantastic people along the way! xx

  7. that is one impressive pantry. So jealous of the walk in space!!

    I am really curious to know a little bit more about ..... those lego drink bottles!?

    1. Hi Peta! Thank you for your lovely comment! The Lego drink bottles were from a shop in Mona Vale called Kidstuff, I think they are all over Sydney. I know there was one in Randwick when we lived over that side. For two Lego mad boys they were great ... but they are pretty rubbish quality so I don't actually recommend them, although they were very cheap. I think they were $7.95 each. Emma

    2. i have lego crazy boys too, so thanks for that. Since i seem to have a penchant for buying very average drink ware, i'll take your advice and give them a miss :)



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