Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Joys of Boys - The Sequel

Parenting the Y chromosome...

They like mud...  a lot.

The little one will be very sad when the new garden beds are finished.  

I will not be.

Cardboard tubes provide hours of entertainment... (as do sand and mud).

You find surprise additions to the shopping list, (considering how well he reads his spelling is atrocious!)

They can entertain themselves anywhere.
(Me: "darling, what are you doing?
Boy: "I am spying on the people downstairs")

Got to love the excuse to be able to decorate with vintage cowboy prints though!

And... yes little pirate Prince, I forgive you for the mud! (Lucky you are as cute as you are though!).


  1. You are such a good Mum letting your boys get out there and get all muddy and dirty. I don't know what I'd do if I had boys, the big one doesn't get dirty but the little one she loves to climb a tree or two:) I would have fun buying those cute boy prints too. x

  2. Cute post :) We're the complete opposite here with two girls in our house but I must say, Grace loves getting filthy outdoors just like a boy :) Love the 'spy' photo and the shopping list x

  3. Love it! Boys are such fun aren't they :-)

  4. That's fantastic!! What a life :)

  5. Cute little men! Love the cowboy print too.

    I have an excellent reader but very dodgy speller here too! How does that happen??

    Take care.

  6. What a lovely post! You have given me insight as to what to look forward to! It looks like you haunt the places I do? Love the sand pit, such a fun space for the boys. I spied a very cute yellow vintage chair! I' a softy for vintage cowboy, but I think Rowan will have to be a rufty tufty sailor or a pirate like his pa!

  7. They are so cute! Love the vintage cowboy bedding!

  8. Little boys rock!!! Lovely post :-)

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