Monday, January 10, 2011

Danks Street, Waterloo

On the weekend I had a brief break from the massive de-cluttering that is taking place Chez Pirate to head East as Ross was craving Wagyu Burgers from Cafe Wah Wah.  I love Dank St as many of my favourite shops are located in the area but I had never been to the Bromley Arcade, clearly an oversight as he is one of my most loved artists.  I have one of his paintings, which I treasure and I am also obsessed with Mark Tuckey.  Tuckey and Bromley established the Bromley Arcade as a joint venture and for me it was a heavenly combination....

The boys recognised Pirate Boy immediately!

This would be divine in the little one's room!


My pond yacht obsessed pirates adored this little boy as well.

After exploring the wonders of the Arcade (if in Sydney you must visit!) we popped into Eco Outdoor.  The shop where we sourced the stone for our retaining walls around the pool and I noticed that they had the same vintage wine baskets as I do.  Only I had never had the brilliant idea of using them as hanging baskets for plants.  They literally had them hanging en masse at the entrance of the shop and they looked stunning. 

Watch this space to see my interpretation of this brilliant idea!

They also had very interesting lighting, I guess for any room but especially fantastic for outdoor rooms.  These ones reminded me of Mark Tuckeys work and also conjured up images in my head of paddocks and barbed wire fences (I went to boarding school in the country!).

These lights are made from Tumbleweeds and were very impressive in real life, unfortunately the photo does not do them justice. A visit to the shop is well worth it!


  1. Sounds like a lovely inspirational window shopping outing. I love ALL of those painings on the wall - especially the little equestrienne I caught a glimpse of. And the leap-frogging children in bronze! Did you make a little purchase?

  2. Wow Bromley and Tuckey in the same space - that's too much for my little head to get around.

    Thank you for sharing, it looks like you had a lovely time exploring.

    Felicity x

  3. Love the pirate paintings. And the butterflies!

  4. Just back from looking up what a wagyu burger is...sounds good! I now have an image of a bunch of cows out in the wilds of Australia that are drunk on red wine.

    Love the art! I'm tempted to try and convice my son that he still has a thing for pirates so we can start wishing for one of those paintings.

  5. Oooh! never knew about Dank St, definitely going to pay a visit soon!

  6. What a fab post, Emma! I just loved being transported with you - it felt so *civilised*. Your boys are so lucky to have you take them with you. J x

  7. Your kind words and thoughts mean so much Emma...thank you x
    next time i am in Sydney i can see this little spot is a must!
    ps. loving your organisational skills - i must admit i love a label gun and the plastic containers also.



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