Monday, November 22, 2010

David Bromley's "Pirate"

For many years I have coveted David Bromley's paintings, in particular the "Childrens Series." My passion for collecting vintage childrens books, in particular first edition Enid Blytons probably led to my love of his artwork.  More recently, since the arrival of my two little pirates I have longed for a Bromley featuring "pirate boy."  Well, my wonderful husband just arrived home from work with a suprise package for me.

I recognised the painting immediately, despite the packaging and burst into tears!  I have long adored it, other bloggers have blogged about it!   I really can't quite believe that it is hanging on our wall!  Thank you to my lovely husband.


  1. That is fabulous. I have to check out this artist! And it looks like it's made for your house.

  2. i have missed so much...i just love this painting! what a wonderful gift x

  3. Good grief Emma, it's amazing! What a lucky girl you are and what a darling husband you must have! I'm not familiar with David Bromley but I can see why you're a fan (little pirate subject aside!)



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