Monday, December 13, 2010

My close encounter with Oprah...

On the weekend we flew down to Melbourne for a Christmas Party and look who I ran into outside our hotel:

I know!!!  I can't believe it either!!!  I had taken the boys downstairs to go for a quick scooter along the river before the babysitter arrived and had noticed the police cars/boats/helicopters as the boys were scootering about.  About 10 minutes later Oprah sauntered past us chatting with the Prime Minister!  Apparently not long before she had made an appearance in Federation Square with 26 000 fans... there were maybe 50 people outside when we saw her!

This is how close she was to us! 


  1. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOODE! That's awesome!

  2. I have a secret love for Oprah - not cool, I know, but I just can't help but love her. I don't do daytime telly though - only if I'm really unwell and couch-bound.

    Hope you had a lovely time... I really miss Melbourne this time of year!

  3. No way! You just wouldn't read about it. How did you have your camera handy or was it your phone?! Oh and I mentioned you in my last post so I hope more people find your sweet blog. J x

  4. Wowee!!!

    You and two other influential gals all in one space together, no wonder the CIA lookalike in pic 1 is looking so serious - that's some major wow factor happening right there!

    It looks like you might be on international TV judging from the size of that camera pointed your way in the second shot.

    Thanks for sharing your own personal Oprah moment,

    Felicity x

  5. Oh, I am so thrilled that you are all sharing my excitement!!! It was just so strange seeing her and all the media, literally outside our hotel!

    Sarah - I know, there is just something about her! Thank you we had a wonderful time.

    Jane - I had brought the camera to take photos of the boys, needless to say... I totally forgot to take photos of them! Thank you so much for mentioning me, I am more honoured than you could possibly know! xx

    Felicity - My father rang me later that afternoon and straight away I said to him, guess who I ran into earlier and his reply, "Oprah, I saw you on TV!"

    Julia - I know!!!!! xx

  6. This is just so exciting...i can't stop looking at the news updates! lucky you - and a trip to Melbourne! perfect x

  7. I have just discovered your blog. How cool are you? - you saw Oprah!!!
    Also - how amazing does her hair look?

    Take care.

  8. That is really so exciting, to see her so close, how cool and so lucky.:)

  9. How exciting!! I'd love to have tickets to one of her shows. Have just discovered your blog through Jane and wish I knew about it sooner - I look forward to browsing back through your older posts (I'm a new follower now). Have a lovely week x

  10. So funny! People have been going mad to see her and you just run into her by accident :-)

  11. AMAZING. after strangers hear my accent they keep asking me if i am here with oprah.



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