Monday, December 6, 2010

A trip down South to Milton

 We have just returned from a weekend away on the south coast of New South Wales.  The highlight of which for me was a trip to nearby Milton, a tiny little village up on a hill loooking over the coast.  It is a lovely little spot full of charming cottages, cafes, boutique homewares shops and best of all some great  antique shops.  I have been visiting Milton for years, (although as a kid I was more into the Scarecrow Festival they have annually than the antique shops), and have watched the gentrification of the town with interest.  At the moment I think it is just about perfect and definitely not too touristy like Berry is nowadays.  

A lovely cottage in the main street of town:

The view from where I parked the car:

 I spent Friday morning exporing several antique shops and there were numerous items I desperately wanted to bring home with me but considering the amount of luggage that our car was literally stuffed with I was obliged to "look and not touch" (as I warn the children every time we enter a shop in a steely voice). 

How I would have loved this old lobster pot to decorate our back deck with.

I can't stop thinking about this rustic meat safe, with it's crackled old blue paint.

I already have way too many of these old suitcases, but I still adore them!

I don't have any of these old trunks however and surely they would make great storage for something...

Lots of divine items here...

and here!

Tretchikoff prints can look amzing in the right houses and this one of the "blue lady" against the wall paper looked fabulous.

Looking forward to my next visit and this time I will make sure that there is some room in the car!


  1. Your car had a really nice view.

    You find the BEST shops!

  2. Leave the family behind next time, plenty of room for your shopping then ;-)

  3. Now I can see that you mightn't have had room for the lobster pot, but surely you could have squeezed a little something in? Admirable restraint Emma!

  4. What amazing things! I've never been here but that has to change. It looks like such a stunning spot. I adore that old lobster pot, if I had a deck (!!) that's what I'd put on it. Yes, next time, no kids! A perfect spot for a girl's weekend. Pruxxx

  5. what a delightful array of treasures! i too, am a huge fan of old suitcases. they look gorgeous.

  6. The south coast of NSW really is one of my favourite places, I have to find a way to get up there soon..Milton looks wonderful. Rachaelxx

  7. i love the look of all these fun treasures! I am loving all your fun adventures at the moment...enjoy x

  8. Hi, Emma! If you're interested in Tretchikoff, you might like to visit my blog about his art:



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