Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas!

This year for the first time I am hosting the family Christmas.  Admittedly not the entire extended family is attending, however there will still be 10 adults and 5 children and I feel a little overwhelmed by it all!  So far, all I have done is dress the tree and put up some of the decorations around the house.

Not these ones though!  My beloved vintage Shiny Brites are well and truly out of reach for the time being and I am currently undecided as to where the safest place to display them is.  Obviously somewhere high though!  Very high, as I am afraid I can't trust my two mountaineers not to attempt an expedition to retrieve them.

The rest however are fairly hardy and have been hung by the boys on the tree, with a little tweaking by me afterwards!  I am loving the baby's tongue poking out in concentration here!

And his tippy-toe stretch here!

We have been reading Christmas stories every evening before bed.  We only have this small selection, some of which date back to my childhood and I would love to get some more, does anybody have any good recommendations? 

And if anyone has any ideas about what Dragon Island might be, I would be even more grateful!


  1. What a beautifully written letter to Santa - lovely manners and great handwriting! For a moment I thought he was asking for a dragon, and an island, which is the style of request I'm accustomed to these days. Doots has asked for a tail that is actually attached to her body, and a 'real' fairy - like one that is alive. Good luck with that Santa!

    We're enjoying reading Christmas books too - I love Wombat Devine by Mem Fox.

  2. Gorgeous photos of your little man. I really like your ornaments too. Like you I am doing the hosting this year. I have done it before though and my standard coping strategy is to keep things beautiful but simple!

    Good luck.

  3. Oh, Honey, good for you! You'll rise to the challenge, I'm sure. Very sensible to preserve your precious baubles. We will buy our real tree this weekend - I think we may have to erect my old playpen around it to keep Quicksilver Sam away ☺.

    And as for the books - snap! We have most of them. I have just bought Dick Bruna's (author of Miffy) 'The Christmas Book' and am waiting on Sarah's recommendation of 'Christmas is a Time of Giving' to arrive in the post.

    As for Dragon Island, sorry, I've drawing a blank ☺. J x

  4. Em, pics of books on my flickr...I posted a comment but I guess it vanished...

  5. sorry...

    re comment: I found something with that name on Amazon. It has to do with pirates...I know, I'm shocked as well.

  6. That's an adorable Santa letter. Your vintage baubles are breathtaking they are in such perfect condition. Ill be hosting our family Christmas this year too and im also starting to feel just a tad overwhelmed, I need to get seriously organised as we have 24 so far... only 5 of them are kids too YELP.. Good luck with it, Im sure it will be wonderful. Megan xx

  7. Thanks for all the lovely comments!

    Julia, loved the books on your flickr and I just spent ages looking at all the photos!!! I remember Raymond Briggs from my childhood! As for Dragon Island having something to do with pirates I think you might be right. He has spent hours pouring over the Playmobil catalogue and there is an island with pirates on it, but no dragon...

    Jane - I had to laugh at keeping Sam away from the tree, Karen Cheng just blogged about her son (also no. 3) pulling the tree down moments after they had dressed it. Tree is now inside a play pen apparently!!

    Sarah - That is seriously adorable that she wants a tail and a real fairy!

    Megan - 25 people! Good luck to you also!!!

  8. Dragon Island ? not sure (sounds rather exciting though)! the Christmas decorations are stunning... where did you decide to hang them? x

  9. super duper Christmas tree stand!! I will not embarrass myself by telling how ours is currently 'lurching'

  10. Hi Gorgeous Emma, I was just about to ask you the same question about 'Dragon Island'. I thought, now that sounds interesting, what have I been missing out on... Adorable. Your tree looks divine and I especially like the kindy-made (?) decorations the boys have made. Too cute. Hang in there, it's full-on isn't it. We had Tim's family here on Saturday. At the end of the day though, everyone loves to just hang out together and as long as the kids are happy and playing well, it's a good day!! Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog too Emma. You're always so supportive and positive. It's so fun to blog and Mum, work and create. Take care and you make sure you have a great day on Christmas Day too. I'll catch-up with you in the New Year. Kindest (as always) Pruxxx



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