Friday, June 3, 2016

The joy of boys!

 As I haven't written a post about parenting the 'Y' chromosome in a very long time, here is an update:

They break bones, badly.

Both of them.

Probably because they have no fear!  That would be the seven year old up there on the top of that orange pole.  Note all the other 7 and 8 year old boys seem to have remained sensibly at ground level so perhaps it is just that my boys are extreme risk takers?

I often find elaborate "scenes" such as this one, set up in random locations around the house.

Often the "scenes" appear to have been catastrophic.

You quickly learn who all the sports stars are. 

The brotherly love is touching. The 10 year old offered to help the 7 year old find some sponsors for his school Zumba-thon.  For those that can't read his handwriting that would be Bill Gates and Queen Elizabeth sponsoring H some rather large sums per minute.

Yes, the 7 year old was sent to school with this form and yes, I crossed out Nick's additions! 

Every minute of this testosterone loaded craziness is worth it though, especially when you get treated to impromptu music recitals with football cleats on!


  1. Love this post :-) Little boys are in equal parts amazing and exhausting!!! Constant mischief and fun around our place too :-) Hope your little mens broken bones heal quickly!!

  2. Little boys get a pretty bad rap unfortunately and people seem to ignore all the great parts of that rambunctious mischievousness! Time to celebrate it I say!!! Both of them are fine now, H's was only a minor green stick. N however really did a number on his finger, luckily it was his left hand though and he has a great hand physio, xx

  3. I agree, don't even get me started!! Little boys get blamed for so much and it does annoy me, they are so sweet in their own energetic funny way and we're blessed with them :-)



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