Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Keeping it real.....

I read this post yesterday (another absolute favourite blog!) and laughed so much that it inspired me to go and investigate the contents of my own bag.  I was actually horrified when I emptied it out!!  My obsession with home organisation clearly has not translated to my handbag.  The shame.

1.  The bag itself, can I blame the bag for this, it is huge?
2. Sunglasses, (in a stolen case, EYEBIZ feel free to take this one up with boy number 2)

3. L'Occitane lip balm (gift from flight attendant friend, possibly also stolen from an inflight amenities pack....)
4. Bracelet and necklace (was wondering where this bracelet was actually)
5. Lego bits (x 17)
6.  Loose change ($4.70)
7. Rubbish/Receipts/Tissues (planning to dispose of all this appropriately....)
8. One sock (boys x-sml)
9. Ferry tickets and 1 x Ferry Timetable (all out of date so technically more rubbish)
10. Jewellery bag, contents missing..... (boy number 2 again?)
11. Eco-shopping bag (carried around 2673 times,  actually remembered to use: maybe twice?)
11. The other 11, the one in red. (Apparently I can't count... ) a plastic knight wielding a sword, minus his horse.
12.  First Aid Kit containing:

Transformers bandaids x 12
Rapaid Tea tree Oil first aid spray (this is actually very good, one of my desert island list thingys)
Stop Itch 
Nars lip gloss - Oasis (a first aid kit essential)
Revlon lip gloss - 160 (just in case)
Weleda Pomegranate hand cream (very soothing)
Chupa Chup lollipop (for genuine emergencies only)
Sewing Repair Kit (for fashion emergencies only)

13. Wipes
14. Tissues
15.  Purse

Underneath 14 and 15 is my notepad, contents include:
2 "To Do" lists (by me)
402 drawings (by the little one)

16.  Two pairs of "days of the week" (Sunday/Thursday) underpants (boys size sml)
17. Numerous paper bags, previously containing items purchased at the French Patisserie next to the Captain's art class.  Obviously, if I want to lose weight I am going to have to find him a new art school.
18. Two Matchbox cars and one Matchbox plane.

Lastly.... what I discovered once I had pulled everything out.  The offending pen is of course absent.  Not sure whether to call it art or google how to remove ball point pen from suede.

Hello to all my new followers as well! I will be along to visit you all soon.  Now go read Loosy's bag contents, seriously funny!  Emma xx


  1. Wow Emma your bag must be huge, mind you I have a big tote too and I am sure I will find a mess if I empty it. It is amazing what gets lost in the bottom of it. xx

  2. That's as impressive haul! So funny what you find. You've made me feel so much better now....Leigh won't put his hand in my bag because he thinks something will bite him.

    I've also got lots of brown paper bags with half eaten chocolate croissants from that shop rotting away in my bag. A handy afternoon snack when Luca gets hungry!! xx

  3. Ooh Boy! Yours is good.
    I'm not joking when I say I wouldn't dare show mine at the moment.
    I read Loosy's post. Seriously funny!
    Have a nice relaxing evening,
    Tania xx

  4. your bag looks a lot like mine.

    hairspray will remove the pen from suede. spray some on and watch it fade! x

  5. Oh Emma, I loved this.....but not enough to tip out the contents of my bag! I love your honesty.....admitting to harbouring the stolen lip balm and owning up to all of those paper bags from the french patisserie. Rx

  6. You're game. I would not feel comfortable showing peeps the real contents of my bag. It's generally gorss.

  7. Your bag reminded me of Mary Poppin's 'bottomless' carpet bag with its infinite contents!! :) It's funny how bags seem to accumulate all sorts of bits and pieces for the whole family. Hope you find a solution for the suede/pen problem... x



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