Friday, May 25, 2012

My first ever "Friday Phone Dump"

So, I have finally worked out how to do it....  and yes, some of these photos are very old!  Have restrained myself and only included the favourites!

How can a dandelion ever be dismissed as a weed?

The most beautiful crown ever, pity it fell off!

Nicasso's most recent masterpiece, 'tis very Hundertwasser.

Out of several hundred photos I only posted a few!  Well, admittedly a lot of them were more along the lines of Emma's wish list items and not so much photos of the kids! Maybe I should do a post on that next! Have a lovely weekend everyone! xx


  1. You have a very cool artist in the family I see.

  2. Gorgeous family pics they are too! Your boys are so adorable, even with grumpy faces. That Nicasso Of yours is one too watch, his art is well above his years surely!? I'd frame his art on my walls for sure!
    Happy weekend to you all too :)

  3. What a little artist you have there!! All gorgeous photos - LOVE the rainbow/umbrella one. I was looking at those umbrellas online the other day actually :) Do share your wishlist photos :) Enjoy your weekend x

  4. Ooh! Loving the curls, Em. And go the leftie! Loving the Hunderwasser reference...J x

  5. wow!! I love every picture! everyone!!

  6. Beautiful pictures! Wow what an amazing artwork, worthy of a post! Hmm Campos coffee isnt it yum! X Enjoy the weekend.

  7. Aww look at those curls and those sweet smiles of your little boys:) I love your boys artwork and the detail that is in it. The black outline and then his choice of water colour is very clever:) xx



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