Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The kitchen

Husband has been requesting that I do a blog post about the kitchen.  Intrigued?  I was.  Apparently friends of his read the blog and wanted to see some photos of it.  Who are you anonymous readers that are friends? Identify yourselves!  The main reason I haven't posted photos of the kitchen already is that it is pretty much constantly in use.  Yes, the heart of the home it is.   So here are some photos of the kitchen that aren't perfectly styled because... well, you know how it is.  I have to actually use this room! 

The shelves in the island store the most frequently used cookbooks and bits of my enamelware collection.

Looking back from the dining table into the kitchen and the pantry beyond.

The island bench.  I  need to find some stools to go here and am leaning towards getting some basic bentwood ones but haven't found the perfect ones yet.  Also haven't hung any pendant lights as I can't decide what to do... I swing between hanging cane, industrial enamel style and various different vintage pendants....  what to do, what to do...

Love the porcelain sink and the mixer. It is one of my favourite parts of the kitchen.  Plus the view out these windows is stunning.

Looking into the pantry.

Appliance shelf in the pantry.  Little one has been into the muffins and left the tin sitting on the kitchen stool!  Busted!

Open shelves on the other side of the pantry.

Looking back into the dining room from the pantry.

Kitchen island from inside the kitchen.  Love the drawers underneath the stovetop.  Last kitchen we did we installed a big freestanding Ilve.  This one we did the separate stove/oven.  So pleased we made this decision in the end.  As it means that you can cook and still be involved in whatever is going on in the room and you don't have to bend down to get things out of the oven!  Both R and I love cooking and entertaining and this way you can be chef and still be part of the party, not stuck facing a wall!

Side view from kitchen to study nook. 

Awww, my assistant hard at work!  Big thanks to everyone for all the links and suggestions that you made regarding cushion making.  I will keep you posted! xx


  1. No an anonymous friend but still love seeing your kitchen! Looks completely fab and I adore the finishes you have used. The pantry area is very clever.

  2. It is really lovely and I love your vintage touches. It looks very crisp and open and I agree that entertaining like this where all the guests are with you is such a pleasure. I often don't start cooking until the guests start walking through the door.

  3. I love your kitchen. Gorgeous.

    We had a big free standing Smeg in our old house and had to put a separate cooktop and double oven in this one as that was what fitted. I actually prefer it as I don't have to bend down and also don't have to heat up a huge oven to cook a few potatoes...

    Barstools are really hard. I wanted very plain ones and wound up with basic Ikea ones as i couldn't find what I wanted anywhere. Have you looked at Cape Cod design online for lights?? I got some gorgeous ones there for our formal sitting and dining room and entrance hall. She has some quite different stuff.

    Take care.

  4. Well, I think it's downright rude not to ask permission before you crawl inside somebody's head and build their dream kitchen, sniff... Seriously though, it is incredibly fab! So jealous of your walk-in pantry!

  5. PS where did you get the cabinets and drawer pulls? and sink? And tap? (everything!)

  6. That pantry....I want that pantry.....


  7. Oh Em. What a divine job you've done, you clever minx! Loving it all. The light is just splendid - it must really lift your spirits. The butler's sink is the bees' knees. I must get some of that divine Murchison-Hume goodness, too! As for the pendant lights, I'd also suggest asking A-M at Cape Cod Designs - she has such fabulous taste and should be able to help you out. Loving your appliances, you lucky duck - I crave a KitchenAid mixer in Wedgwood blue ☺. And I adore that shot of your little man - he's growing up so quickly now. What a handsome chap. J x

  8. Oh my's absolutely divine. I love it. Your enamelwear collection is pretty darn lovely too x

  9. I'm a little bit in love with your kitchen.
    Ok a lot.

  10. Your kitchen...home... is absolutely gorgeous! So light filled and clean and stylish, and that pantry - I love it! Your house truly is a home to be proud of :) x

  11. Your kitchen is stunning Emma. I love it. I can see how much attention to detail you've gone into choosing and designing. You really have created a beautiful space to be in. Thank you for sharing with us and taking us into your home. Oh and I forgot to say I love your butlers sink too:) xx

  12. I absolutely adore your kitchen Emma - I think we have similar taste as I love everything you've chosen and the way everything is styled. Pendant lights would be perfect above the bench - I like enamel ones but something like cane might be a nice contrast too. Your pantry is so great and organised. LOVE your enamelware collection. Your home is truly lovely, would love to see more!!

    P.S You were asking where I got the rainbow tablecloth for Grace's party - it's actually rainbow fabric I bought a few weeks back at our local Spotlight - it was in the section near the polka dot and striped cottons. It was only cheap but looked effective xx

  13. My favourite post! Loved getting a guided our around your kitchen and living areas! A beautiful home. And I now have enormous green eyes over your butlers pantry! x



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