Saturday, April 28, 2012

School Holidays Round Up

RIP my favourite sunglasses.  
Someone who shall not be named stood on them... 'tis, very lucky the culprit is cute... 

.... and loves to shop!  

Caught up with the gardening.  My assistant landscapers were occasionally helpful!

We also explored some of the local parks and beach paths.  
And, the story behind these two walking together ahead of me: after months of sibling fighting and me desperately trying to referee, R instructed me to leave them to it and that they would sort it out themselves.  Best suggestion ever, as they are finally learning to resolve issues without my intervention.  As we walked up this path they both wanted to be the leader... after a bit of discussion they agreed to walk together and hold hands.  Proud Mama moment!

The Captain is currently obsessed with climbing trees.  Every tree we encounter is examined for tree climbing potential.  At home he spends hours drawing up plans for tree houses.    He has now read all the fabulous Magic Tree House books and I suspect that they might have ignited his passion! I am now steering him towards the Emily Rodda books... both Deltora Quest and the Rowan series.  Any other suggestions?  


  1. The Captain and The Munchkin would get along really well, she is all about tree climbing at the moment (and we are struggling to find suitable ones!) How nice that your boys are forging their relationship of their own accord, such a lovely moment captured there :)
    Pity about your sunnies, I only buy cheapie Sussans ones now, not worth the pain lol. LOVE that chair though, great choice Baby Pirate boy!

  2. Glorious images Em and "Bravo!" to Ross for his excellent suggestion and the wonderful result.

    Happy days ahead for who snuggle in your happy home.

  3. The photo of your two boys walking up the path hand in hand is so sweet x

  4. your pictures are fabulous! life looks fun!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    have a great week!

  5. Oh dear I find it hard to choose glasses I hope you got yourself a lovely new pair :) And your two boys are just adorable and it is such a lovely things to see them get along so well together. xx

  6. Oh Em, what gorgeous snaps. And clever parents for getting them to work it out themselves - that's something we're working on with the pixies as well. I love the Captain's concentration in the last one! J x

  7. quinn loved the tashi series and has read (we read it to him) pippi longstocking twice.

    i wish michael would tell me not to interfere. he always pushes me towards them, like they need you sort of thing...i hate that.

  8. Looks like a fabulous holiday That shop looks very coastal and bright. Sorry about the sunnies

    How cool are little boys though?
    I don't recal getting your updates in my dashboard as I seem to have missed a few.


    PS I will post slow cooked lamb soon.



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