Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The view from the front door.

Every time I step out the front door the carpet of jacaranda blossoms covering the lawn takes my breath away.  The contrast between the purple of blossom and the emerald green of the grass is divine.  Reminds me of playing with my beloved box of 72 Derwent Pencils as a child, I used to love re-arranging the order of the pencils trying to decide which colours best complemented each other.

The little one is in flower heaven at the moment, the garden is in full bloom and he spends ages examing and gathering flowers.  Fla fla (flower) was one of his very first words and his favourites are the yellow ones.  Lellow being his favourite colour and all!

He is itching to get his grubby paws on some of these and keeps asking me to go "cut some flowers for the house please mumma" but I am loving the gardenias and their glorious fragrance so much that it is towards them that the secateurs are headed:

Lastly Julia... I can't find your email address (or your blog?) to send this to you but I have been wanting to show it to you for ages... just couldn't find my high school year book in the chaos of the renovation!  Very boring for everyone but Julia... anyway see arrow below!

Thought it might amuse you!


  1. Oh my GOSH!!! I'm so impressed. Although I'm not surprised considering that your parents were spies and all.

    I'm currently sort of in blog limbo. Life has really gotten in the way of blogging here.

    I love the flower and garden pictures. How can you be inside with all of that beauty right out your door?!

  2. The vision from your front door is just that - a vision, splendid in its purple palette.

    As for your yearbook offerings - I know it was for Julia but I enjoyed marveling in all your exploits and your ambition too!

    Happy day Loveliest You!

  3. What a stunning outlook! I don't think I would want to get off that gorgeous swing myself! :)

  4. Gosh I just love everything about your house! That swing in the front yard is my dream!!

    That yearbook extract absolutely cracked me up! That is hilarious!!


  5. The garden is looking fantastic Emma. The yearbook extract was hilarious!

    Take care.

  6. Oh Sweetheart. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for this divine jacaranda post. You know how they make my heart sing. Not to mention remind me of the similar post with the sweet swing you did last year! J x

  7. Hi Emma - it's been ages since I've wandered over here - I've been away from the digital world for a while... We were in Sydney this time last year - perfectly timed for the jacaranda spectacular. I wish they grew in Hobart, I'd plant one right in my front yard. I LOVE that swing - we don't have a big enough tree that's not right on the boundary fence, bummer. And I just thought of my Doots when you mentioned your little pirate's love for flowers and yellow. Doots said 'fwow-wuf' for flower - it was one of her first words too and she was obsessed with picking them, gathering them, arranging them... I bought an op shop vase for her and when she went to childcare for a day a week as a 3 year old I would buy a bunch of daffs (yellow!) and put them in her vase in her room to surprise her when she got home. Your little guy brought that memory back - gorgeous. Sorry - massive essay there. Time for bed! Oh... I used to ponder endlessly over my Derwent 72s too :)

  8. Gorgeous photos!! The jacaranda is so pretty. We have a suburb over here in Perth where every street is lined with jacarandas- you can imagine how pretty they are in spring. They even have a festival there called The Jacaranda Festival. Your gardenia looks SO healthy - I've given up on ours. After throwing every nutrient and fertiliser we could at them, the last one standing which is the one which literally let do its own thing is probably our most successful!



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