Tuesday, November 15, 2011

John & Ginger in Freshwater

Home Beautiful arrived yesterday and as I was quickly flicking through,  as I won't have time to properly read it until after Dec 11th or when the majority of the work will be finished,  I was captivated by this image:

I was so enamoured of it that first thing this morning, ie. after I dropped the Captain off at school, I raced over to Freshie to have a look.  I was desperate to get those blue and white cushions as well...

mmmmm, look how lovely they are! 
Imagine, my disappointment when I found out that they were sold yesterday.  Some smartypants obviously got their copy of Home Beautiful before I did...

Nevermind, the trip to John & Ginger was well and truly worth it.  It is one of the most beautiful shops that I have ever visited and the owner is just gorgeous. 


  1. Oh Emma! How utterly divine. Swooning in Hobart ☺. You must take me there when we finally meet! J x

  2. Such deliciousness! I'd love to swing by there after school dropoff with you one day :)XOL

  3. Oh no what a shame you didn't get those cushions. It looks like you would definitely find something in that lovely shop to bring home with you. I hope the rest of the renovating goes smoothly. xo

  4. Wow...what a fab store. I love the light that is made of shells (or maybe it's something else?)

  5. I am quite jealous that you got to go to that lovely shop..... So gorgeous. Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog posts recently. I feel special!

  6. Oh my, that image captivates me too. So many elements of it I would love to pick up and drop into my home. Thank you for sharing. That store looks wonderful - I can see lots of goodies I'd like to buy. What a shame about the cushions. can they order some in for you?



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