Sunday, June 5, 2011

Photo Challenge - Day 4

"Something green"

Green, in particular depression green, is one of my most loved colours.  As I was wandering around the house and garden today I spotted literally dozens of green things that I found beautiful and struggled to make a decision about what to photograph today.  In the end I took a photo of the top of my dresser.

Top of my dresser!

It was too hard to choose, between the green Carlton Ware bowls that I use to store my jewellery and beauty odds and ends in.  The tea cup with a splash of green that I store my bobby pins and hair ties in.  The milk jug full of camellias from the garden with their glossy green leaves and the green detail in the tiles on the back of the dresser...

Green is a magical colour.  It is fresh and wholesome and makes me think of new beginnings, I associate it with both land and water and ultimately it is a lovely soothing colour. 


  1. What beautiful photos of such beautiful things! I love green right now too, and I am sure it will finally show itself in our 'forever' home :)

  2. Ah, Emma, I'm such a green (and blue) girl. Sighing in Hobart. What prettiness, my friend. J x

  3. Beautiful photos of green. Your dresser is lovely and I love how you've put your bobby pins in a china cup, it's so pretty. xo

  4. This is a wonderful series and I'm enjoying your daily 'takes'.

    The jug of camellias is particularly poignant because Captain V took me out to the garden this afternoon, secateurs in hand, and asked me to select a posy of these glorious pink blooms on long stems for the kitchen. Sweet man.

    Lovely you and your fabulous selection of green & pink.

    xx Felicity

  5. What a gorgeous little corner of your home Emma! I love green too, and we were just in Melbourne last week and everywhere I looked the camellias were amazing! Green reminds me of Port Phillip Bay, which is where I grew up. The water's more green than blue and I love it.

    oh, my fave green piece is my depression glass butter keeper :)

  6. I love camellias. They make me think of Louisiana.

  7. How BEAUTIFUL! I am green with envy over your tea cup and your exquisite dresser and all the lovely things you have collected there. xxxxxxx

  8. What a pretty vignette! I adore camelias, such perfectly formed flowers.

  9. such beautiful images of your pretty collections and flowers ... x



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