Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I so love having flight attendant friends!

This just in from London:

A lovely new cover to go with my new phone!

New bed linen for the little one, he has just moved into his big boy bed!

Thanks Eva!!!! 


  1. Oh eeek!! How fabulous! Would Eva like to adopt me as a friend...please!!! Enjoy your gorgeous new Cath Kidston treasures ~ Tina xx

  2. I saw the first picture in my google reader and I thought "She BETTER have taken pictures of what's in that bag!" I am going to have to get over the intense feelings of jealousy over your TOTALLY FAB phone cover and bedding.

  3. That bedding print is just divine and often when i see it i think of your boys...there is nothing more exciting than CK treasures - you have reminded me that i need to post some of my goodies that arrived at Christmas from my sister.
    Happy Wednesday Emma x

  4. fun arrivals. it reminds me of when my mom ships stuff's the best.

  5. Gorgeous! I *occasionally* splurge on Cath Kidston mail order - when the stars of stocktake sales and exchange rates align...

  6. Oh my, I would love that bed linen. The cowboys print is a fave of mine.

    I have NO friends travelling this sales-time. Disaster! Thank goodness for the internet. x

  7. oh enjoy emma- i have that i-phone cover and it is seriously gorgeous!!

    i-phone gone vintage is very cool!!

    hope he enjoys his big boy bed!

    melissa xx

  8. I love the prints! So jealous. Enjoy!

  9. Ah, what a friend to treasure, Emma! Sigh. I love her stuff, too. J x

  10. Oh so yummy treasures. What a lovely friend to have bought these thoughtful things for you. xo

  11. Oh how lucky are you to have such a wonderful friend. Loooove Cath. I adore the cowboy pattern,I want to use it in the boys room too but my oldest refuses, he said he thinks he hates cowboys??? not sure what to do about that one.
    Megan xx



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