Monday, October 18, 2010

Pirate Party - Preparations Continue.

Preparations for the Pirate Party this weekend are well and truly underway now.   So far we have made the treasure map,  as you can see the Captain got into the spirit of things:

The clues for the treasure map are stored inside these little pouches I found at a $2 shop.  The sword is the final clue and is the weapon to "open" the Treasure Chest pinata:

Filling the pinata full of "pieces of eight" (chocolate coins):

Making the pinata shell, hopefully when it is finished it will loosely resemble a Treasure Chest:

I am making 21 of these newspaper swords, see Alphamom for the tutorial: 

The Captain's hearty approval:

Lastly I chopped up the sun-shade umbrella to begin converting the outdoor table into a pirate ship.  Do you think my husband will be cross?  As he has been in Melbourne, gallivanting about and wining and dining with friends and I have been at home, alone with two children.  Left to deal with amongst other day to day things, a rogue snake (eeek!) and a broken dishwasher (gah!), he had better not say anything:

More on the rogue snake and other recent domestic issues tomorrow!


  1. How exciting Emma! I hosted my first kiddy party this year and I loved all the planning. Hilarious that you sacrificed the sun umbrella - the things a creative Mum will do for a good party prop! Looking forward to seeing some photos of the big day.

    And a snake? In October? Just thinking about it sends a shiver down my spine!

  2. A snake (yes eeek) you are brave!
    LOVE the party much fun preparing and so much fun will be had by all - especially the Captain! looking forward to seeing more! x

  3. Hi Emma, thank you for your visits and comments over at my blog. I'm still away from home but found some time to do a bit of blogging.
    I love the pirate theme! Be careful with the snakes dear!
    Warm regards, Anna

  4. Oh, Emma, how fantastic. We did a pirate party last year. We borrowed an old dinghy (left a note on the noticeboard at the local sailing club and some kind man agreed) which we rigged up with a broomstick and a sheet for a sail. We also borrowed some old buoys and a treasure chest from the local maritime museum for the day. We used a piece of wood for 'walking the plank'. Would you like me to email you some photos for ideas? J x

  5. Wow Jane, your party sounds fabulous! I would love to see some photos. We are doing walk the plank as well and luckily we already have an old dinghy in the backyard! How amazing of the museum to lend you some props!

    Snake wasn't venomous thankfully ladies! Just gave us all a bit of a fright though!

  6. Your ideas are fantastic! How fun!! I'm sure the lucky buys who get to join the party will love it! I can't wait to see how your table will turn out. So, your hubby went out with his friends and you're home with kids. I know how it feels! How cute is it to see your son being so into being a pirate! Kaho

  7. I love the map and coins, everything! Your pirate must be so excited!

  8. Hope you had a great party... You look very well prepared!! I'm hoping you had it on Saturday... Can't wait to hear how you went. Pruxxx



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