Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Embracing thrift with cute cowboys!

As I have two boys, my intention has always been to buy good quality clothes for Boy One and then hopefully pass some of his wardrobe onto Boy Two.  Boy One though has turned out to be extremely active and enjoys playing in the dirt, trees, sandpit and other typical boy joy places.  Most clothing has survived the mud and the dirt very well.  Seed, Country Road, Gap and Old Navy are definite favourites.  However, almost all of Boy One's pants have suffered in the knee area.  It seems so wasteful to throw out a pair of trousers just because the knees have worn through, so in the spirit of thrift and with noble thoughts regarding the environment, I asked my lovely Mum if she could sew some knee patches for me.  I am so pleased with the end result that I am blogging about it!

I knew that if I was to be happy with the patches that the fabric had to be cute.  So after quizzing a clever pre-school Mum (Thank you Susan!) I found some gorgeous cowboy fabric at a nearby quilting shop.  A fat quarter of cowboy fabric cost a few dollars and if you think about the cost of buying a new pair of decent pants, a few dollars is nothing. 

The patches were stitched on by hand, with some additional fabric stitched onto the inside leg of the jeans (basically behind the patches), in order to meet boy play standards.  This will come in handy as Boy Two is following in Boy One's gumboots and is equally as fascinated with mud, dirt and general outdoor mischief.  

Perfect play clothes for the little one! Thanks Grandma!!!


  1. oh, the fabric is very cute and i agree...perfect play clothes for your little one! x

  2. hi emma- lovely of you to pop into see me at *mine*...so of course i had to come back & visit a gal from *home*...
    i looove these little cowboy jeans- super lovely mum you have!

    i have 3 bambinos- not so little anymore- our youngest is 5....two gorgeous gals with a lovely boy in the middle- heart of gold but has never had any knees left in any of his jeans!
    now 9...i have *patched* my way through many a pair for him...& i still think it's the most stylish way to make a little cowboys jeans last!!

    i am a very happy new follower!

    melissa x

  3. Well done Emma (and your mum!). They look as good as new, but with a bit more character.

  4. Oh, Emma, bravo Grandma! I currently have a choice of a Nemo or a Pooh Bear patch to sew on Master Joshua's jeans so I hear you! Mind you, Sammy has inherited an awful lot of Joshie's clothes for which I am grateful. J x

  5. BTW I think your time zone setting may be a bit askew - I just posted this at 9.23 pm. J x

  6. I love them! I could see those being sold new just like that for lots of $$$s. I love cowboy fabric too.

  7. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments! I will show my Mum!

    Jane, how do I change the time setting?

  8. I love them too and that's a brilliant idea!! I think it gives them more character. Grandma rocks!! It's so funny reading your post as I've been there with my boys. The problem I have now is my 6 year old is just as big as my 9 year old (weird genes in my family obviously)... I'm not really into the brand but those camo pants from Pumpkin Patch that you can unzip and turn into shorts are definitely great value as they last forever. Gus still gets around in his size 4 hand-me-downs! And Quiksilver, even though expensive do go the distance. This is a lovely post. Pxxx P.S. Thanks for all your kind comments too.

  9. They look fab! I have 3 boys but my two younger are the same size so there aren't enough hand me downs to go round from my eldest. Great excuse to go shopping though ;-)



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