Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I met up with my parents for lunch today in Berrima, a lovely little town a few hours south of Sydney in the Southern Highlands.  They have very kindly had The Captain to stay for the last few days and so we met in Berrima so that they could return him to me!  I adore meeting up with them here as we can have a lovely lunch at one of the numerous cafes and then I can have a leisurely stroll through the many antique shops whilst they entertain the grandchildren in the park!  Today we had lunch at The Magpie Cafe on the verandah. 

The Captain dancing about with excitement on the verandah at the cafe, telling me all about the wonderful time he has had with Grandma and Grandpa:

Although it would have been just as lovely to eat outside on the pavement under the blosssoms, petals were drifting down with the slight breeze and filling the air with their delicious scent:

The highlands are in the midst of Tulip Time and there were half barrels full of tulips lining the streets:

Even the post office had tubs of flowers outside:

       This cat is a local identity.  He gracefully permitted me to photograph him outside his home:

A must in Berrima is a visit to Peppergreen's.  An absolute favourite of mine:

It is full of vintage kitchenalia:


Vintage linen:

Other collectibles:

Beautiful things:

There are several rooms full of collectibles and it truly is a feast for the eyes!

Thank you to my wonderful parents for having The Captain to stay!  He had a marvellous time and we had a lovely break!


  1. Oh Emma it all looks relaxing to thrift about and have time with your parents. x

  2. Oh my gosh. Please tell me you bought something! I love glass cake stands AND transferware.

    Your pics are wonderful. Especially the one with the cat in it.
    They also remind me of a town in Texas called Fredricksburg.

  3. Okay, that's it...I'm on the next train to Berrima! My mum has been there many times and just loves it, but for some reason I have never been. I gross oversight on my part, obviously. Thank you for setting me right. Meredy xo.
    p.s. you always leave the nicest means more than you know. M xo

  4. Ah, Emma, that's one of my favourite spots. We told Mr PB's parents that we were pregnant with Joshie over lunch in the Magpie Cafe. Fond memories. We also adore the Gumnut Patisserie, especially their yummy lamb and rosemary pies, not to mention their sweet cupcakes. And I want to zoom up to Peppergreen's now! Thanks for sharing. J x

  5. mmmmm the Gumnut Patisserie has the best chocolate tart that I have ever tasted!!! x

  6. oh my little heart is pitter pattering over that vintage linen wall. i would love one of those bread tins too. oh heck even just to walk through with no littles would be wonderful. enjoy...that town looks so lovely.

  7. Oh yes me too, my heart was actually racing as I was scrolling down; the linen wall, the bone handled knives. And to be able to browse sans children. Luxury.

    Have a lovely weekend Emma!

  8. That town looks beautiful, and the antique shop! I need to go there! you are so lucky to have grandparents to relieve you of the kids every so often, my husband and I are both Irish so all the grannies and grandads are in Ireland :-(

  9. Berrima is so gorgeous... I lose myself there. A lovely morning spent pottering about the shops and then scones for morning tea. Lovely! x

  10. Hi Emma, thanks for your lovely comment today about my post! You have a lovely blog, you write so well.. I'm quite desperate to visit the Southern Highlands so thanks for the little tour! Rachaelxx



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