Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The afternoon walk to the waterfall.

Every afternoon I have to exorcise exercise my children in order to make witching hour as pleasant as possible for all of us. We either ride our bikes around the "wetlands" ( a nearby nature reserve) or walk to the waterfall. The pathway to the falls is just down the road from our street:

The little one insists on bringing his pooh bear and blankie:

After a few minutes of walking the pathway is so enveloped by ferns and palms that you can imagine you are in the lush tropics (not in the middle of suburbia!):

Until suddenly the darkness of the rainforest abruptly ends and you discover the magic of the falls.

                                                               It is a little boys paradise!

One of Sydney's secret gems (and one of my best parenting tools, begone witching hour!!!)


  1. how nice to be so close to such a magic little spot...the last shot is stunning.

  2. Oh my...this looks AMAZING!! Bet you're glad you moved north now!!

  3. Oh wow! It looks gorgeous! My boys would have such adventures there.

  4. That is so, so, so beautiful!! Are you sure you don't live in Bellingen??? This sure is kid heaven. You lucky girl. And you know what, not a shop to be seen, nature all the way. What a magical way to have your boys appreciate it. Pruxxx

  5. Hi Emma, i have always loved this post of yours (actually coming back here I'm surprised I didn't leave a comment). I've linked to it in a post I'm doing about children and how they interact with natural places.

  6. Hi Emma,

    The photos you have taken are amazing and your blog is quite amusing, where is that gorgeous waterfall? I have been seeking it since the release of the movie... please reveal the secret!

  7. its in sydneys elanora heights/warriewood ive been there before. but can never seem to find the path again. can you remind us were it is? because last time i went i found myself on someones property above the waterfall! haha



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