Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter... oh to be at Depot Beach!

Easter always makes think of Depot Beach (well, after all the more obvious associations like religion and chocolate). My parents have a holiday house at Depot Beach and I have spent many wonderful easter holidays there. Sadly this Easter we are unable to visit as the house is undergoing some much needed renovations. Instead, I have been reminiscing about times spent there. Including our wedding:

R and I collected all the stone "nameplaces" from Pebbly Beach (Depot's neighbour) and then returned them after the wedding. The shells we used to tie the napkins were collected over the years, many of them from as far back as my childhood.

The two hanging flower arrangements were made by my beautiful mother and an extremely talented friend (Thanks Mark!). They used two old vintage lobster pots that we had found washed up on the beach and carefully arranged Singapore orchids inside them. Another gorgeous friend had flown in from Singaore that morning with the orchids (stored in flight in the champagne cart in first class!)

The rest of the flowers were simply purchased from the Flemington flower markets in Sydney that morning and then "arranged" (stuck at the last minute) in old jam jars, the same ones my Dad uses every year to make his famous homemade jams.

As you can tell from this photo, Depot Beach is very undeveloped, in fact it is in the middle of a national park. I wrote a very heartfelt letter to National Parks and Wildlife requesting permission to get married on the beach and I was so grateful when they approved our request for the marquee on the beach.

It was a magical wedding, Depot Beach is magic!


  1. What a STUNNING wedding!!!! So much love and thought and creativity put into it!! I love stories like this!!!!! *goosepimples*

    Can we please see a pic of you guys too?!?!?

    xx Ave

  2. That is one fantastic wedding and one fantastic beach! I had jam jars at my wedding too. We put wire on them and hung them from the trees in the back yard with little candles in them.

  3. Thank you both so much! Ave I will add some more photos soon. Diana, I am currently making little baby food jars into tea light candle holders to hang from our deck! I will definitely hang some from the trees whenever we are having a dinner party! Exquisite!

  4. OH MAN!!! Soooo beautiful.

  5. Oh my goodness, your wedding looks AMAZING Emma. Thank you for sharing the link on my traditions post. This is so lovely!

    Kind regards,
    Anna Spiro

  6. Hi Emma, such beautiful photos! Me and my partner have recently decided upon Depot as the location for our wedding. I just happened to be googling wedding ideas etc and came across your blog and the part about your own wedding at Depot. I was hoping you might be able to share with us some advice on arranging a wedding at Depot beach like where you ordered your marquee from, tables and chairs etc and if you all stayed in the cottage accommodation? I would much appreciate any info- little or small you could offer. Many thanks!

  7. Hi Emma!

    Thanks and congratulations! Maybe send me an email with a list of all your questions and I will do my best to answer them all. My email is


  8. Depot holds a special place in my heart too.
    My family and I spend every second Christmas there as close friends of ours own Depot Cottages. Bring on Christmas 2012!
    Their daughter married there too - in a marquee in basically the same spot!

    Gorgeous x

  9. Hi Peta! I heard that she got married on the beach as well! If you spot me at Christmas come and say hi! Emma x



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