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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween 2015

I am not sure if it is my upbringing attending American run International Schools or a childhood reading American children's literature, (any other Harriet the Spy fans!?), but I have completely embraced Halloween and love everything about it!  I know and can understand the many myriad of reasons people dislike Halloween.  However, on Saturday night in our neighborhood I only witnessed children having a glorious time and a true sense of community.  R took the boys out "Trick or Treating," only knocking on the doors of the houses that were obviously participating, and he reported back that they had a wonderful time.   The boys even apple bobbed for the first time at a neighbour's house, both of them returning with wet heads of hair and grins from ear to ear! I remained home to answer the door to our "Trick or Treat" visitors and delighted in all the costumes and the opportunity to chat with and also meet for the first time some neighbours.  

And so in the interests of actually documenting what happens in our lives and as Halloween is something that these two look forward to with as much joy and anticipation as they do Christmas, Easter and their Birthdays, this was Halloween 2015.  

A Vampire (he somehow always manages to look suave and elegant) and a Naughty Little Devil, a rather apt costume choice for this young man!  It is also so interesting to see their dress up choices each year and how they have evolved over time, reflecting their very different personalities.  I for one am already looking forward to Halloween 2016 for this very reason!


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