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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Double digits

The Captain has recently celebrated his 10th birthday.  It seems but moments ago that the Doctor at Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok, a gentlemanly old Sikh, nodded kindly at me over his desk and said yes, Madam, there really is a baby in there, as he read my blood test results to me.  I must have looked quite disbelieving!

To celebrate reaching double digits, the Captain chose to have a sailing party.  Luckily, Balmoral Sailing Club have a fabulous kids program that includes holiday camps (the best!) and Birthday Parties.  

The party celebrations began with a Hobie Cat race.  As the Captain sails on an Optimist in his Development Squad, he loves any opportunity to jump into different sailing craft and Hobie Cat's are one of his favourites.  They can pick up a bit of speed which appeals to little boys of course! The boys were split up into two teams and off they went.   

They had the time of their lives out on the harbour for an hour or so, meanwhile we sat back on the beach and enjoyed the wonder of hosting a party for a dozen 10 year old boys.  It was so peaceful watching the two rainbow coloured sails darting about on Middle Harbour!  

Eventually, the boys did reappear though and both teams of course insisted that they had won the race.  Before they could actually establish who truly had won, the instructors managed to distract
 them all with a stand up paddle board lesson.  Nick loved this so much that a paddle board has been added onto the Christmas list this year!  

The final activity was some crazy made up game that the instructors from the yacht club came up with.  I never actually quite got the gist of it, but it involved lots of running, crawling and hiding in a maze of paddle boards propped up in the sand.  The boys LOVED this.  Lots of stealth type stomach crawling and deviant dashing between the paddle boards, the boys were in their element.  

We ended the party with fish and chips and chocolate cake.

So my darling boy at 10 years old you are: feisty, determined and dare I say, a little bit witty.  Your determination never fails to astonish me.  You are an incredible athlete and excel at cross country, athletics, sailing and skiing.  You also love cricket and soccer. 

Up until last week you wanted to be an architect.  This all changed though after Grandma and Grandpa took you for your first proper experience in a flight simulator and as a consequence you have switched career paths to aviation.   Your favourite TV show though is still Grand Designs (UK of course), closely followed by Top Gear (UK of course).  

Your favourite books are the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz and The Henderson Boys series by Robert Murchamore.  As a result, you have also dabbled in espionage as a career choice and did request that we send you to Eton as you considered that a pre-requisite!

Your favourite colour is still red.  Your favourite food is pizza.  You are pestering us for a dog.  You play the classical guitar and sing in the school choir.  Your favourite subjects at school are art, drama and sport. You have a lovely group of friends at school.

You are a skilled negotiator and are willing to debate anything and everything.  This skill of yours is simultaneously infuriating and impressive.  I, for one, look forward to seeing where this takes you in life.  Happy Birthday Captain.  

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Milestone Birthday and a giveaway!

Yes, next week I turn 40.

  I have decided to celebrate rather than have a meltdown.

My Father recently said to me that as you get older Birthdays become much less about age and gifts and much more about spending time with family and friends.  I have thought a lot about this as my 40th has approached and I have decided to agree with him.  

(Side note to husband: this definitely does not apply to you R!  What's more do not even think of trying to tell me that my new, albeit expensive tennis racket is my 40th birthday present!!!! The cheek of it!)

Turning 40 is a significant milestone though and I do want to acknowledge it on the blog, so for all my lovely blog friends  I have a few giveaways organised.  

The first of which is a stainless steel drink bottle from Pottery Barn with a lovely rather William Morris like print of two parrots on it and a clam shell with an Ecoya Frangipani Soap to go in it!  To enter you must leave a comment.  You don't have to become a follower but if you fancy it you are more than welcome to!

Good luck everyone and yes you can enter multiple times by posting about the giveaway elsewhere and so on but please leave another comment telling me that you have done so!  The giveaway ends next Wednesday (the 26th of September).


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