Monday, April 20, 2015

School Holidays

The school holidays are over and I am busy trying to convince the boys that the school routine is really much more fun for all of us than the carefree days of the holidays. They remain unconvinced.

Easter, the highlight of the holidays for the 6 year old, was low key and relaxed. Last year we had Easter at Depot and the boys were desperate to return as apparently the Easter Bunny was significantly more generous there and also provided a variety of eggs previously never seen before.  Much to their disappointment though we elected to stay in Sydney as we needed to do some things around the house! As you can see, the Easter Bunny on the Northern Beaches of Sydney still provides ample eggs and bunnies for small children to ruin their teeth with.

The nine year old is now quite the salty sea dog and spent most of his holidays at sailing camp.  

The six year old is still the outdoorsy type.

He spent his holidays outside. He truly is a naturalist.


  1. So glad to see you back blogging again Emma! We had a quiet Easter too, and far too much chocolate…. looks a little like your egg lineup.
    One of the big advantages you have in Sydney is the harbour, and I've always watched the flotillas of little boats going out for a sail on a Friday afternoon and thought how lovely it looked, it's so nice your boys are sailing.

    1. Thanks Heidi! I am really enjoying writing my blog again... for the moment anyway!!! The harbour is very special, although N has sailing this afternoon and after the storms we have had here recently I am undecided about whether to actually let him go! xx

  2. You're back! Lovely to catch up on your blog! Your boys have gotten so big. My eldest turns TEN tomorrow!

  3. Hello! oh my goodness, how is double digits possible?! It seems like yesterday that they hadn't even started school! xx

  4. Love the snaps of the outdoorsy six year old! That makes my heart so happy. (My kids complain long and hard if I make them go for a hike in the hills. Le sigh.)



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