Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The apple didn't fall far from the tree after all.

 This is how I found him as we were about to walk out the door this morning.  Can you make out the cover?  I am beyond delighted.  (Apologies for the rubbish photo, I had to capture the moment quickly and get said child to school before the first bell at 8.25).


  1. "There's Julian, Dick and Anne, George and Timmy the dog"...Ah, sweet memories, Em! J x

  2. Oh, yay. I was a total George as a child and loved reading about a girl just like me. Cannot wait for my boy to discover the joy too. Thanks for your recent comments too, and no I have no writing background at all but do enjoy both words and photography. melx

  3. BTW that photo is priceless. It looks like some kind of set up, perhaps a bank heist like Oceans 11 for kids- the little pirate being Brad Pitt and the big one being ultra suave George Clooney. melx

  4. Love that photo and yep, we're big Blyton fan down here too. Mel x

  5. I couldn't make out the photo, I'm glad your other blog followers have better eyesight!, but I'm glad he's got his priorities right so early in life :)

  6. Love it and you're right - it gives me hope! Ann x

  7. That must really make our heart sing. So hard to achieve in so many kids.

  8. Replies
    1. I love those snatched moments of reading...the mark of a true bookworm. Mr sunglasses is pretty cool too.

  9. All of those books you've been collecting will be read after all:) Your other little one looks very groovy in his outfit:) xx

  10. For some reason your blog was missing from my coastal blog roll.
    I tried to re add it but could only add it to the inspiration roll.
    I've been having computer woes all week ;o)
    Tania xx



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