Friday, August 17, 2012


  The boys have never seen an episode of Batman, Superman, Spiderman or even Ben 10.  Nor have they seen any of the movies, nor have I bought them a single Superhero toy.   Yet somehow, (perhaps by osmosis in the playground?), they know each and every Superhero.   Wandering into the Converse shop, I had only been intending to purchase them a new pair each of the classic grey slip ons they both love.  I did walk out of the Converse shop with grey slips on, but I also walked out with these:

I succumbed to pester power.

For the first time ever I bought them a "licensed" product. The little guy got Batman Converse and the big one got Superman Converse.  In my defence, at least they are vintage prints.   They now wear them constantly, even with their pyjamas.

Oh please, please Mummy can I have these?  Even if they are so big that I can wear them as a hat?

Speaking of Superheroes, the King of the Superheroes made a reappearance this week:

This time he was escorted by his trusty sidekick, Super Little:

Together they embarked on an adventure inspired by a true Superhero...  Eliot jones, of course.

Yes indeed,  that would be a "Meteor-Busting Rocket Launcher"  that The King is sitting on!  It is sort of like the one Eliot has to save the world with...

Reader, please be aware that today you were saved by...  

The King of the Super Heroes and his confidant Super Little!  


  1. Boys will be boys :) How could you resist the shoes, they are only little and into these fads for a little while xx

  2. very cute shoes and i love those stripy legs too!

  3. Wow, they are awesome! I might have to track some down for my girl and save them for when she will be big enough to wear them:) Your boys are just seriously cute!

  4. Such cute boys! And those shoes are so awesome!!

  5. yes, something just happens that they suddenly *know* about superhero play. i love the shoes, and will have to check out eliot. :)

  6. soooo cute ;o)
    my son used to sit in kindergarten and web shoot the other kids......
    teacher not happy ;o)
    Tania xx

  7. Wow those shoes are amazing! Luca would love a pair of those...might try to hunt some down in NY....

    Your boys are getting more and more handsome by the day. xxx

  8. It's kind of like the gun thing, if they can't have them they will make them from a stick. I am alot weaker than you. My son stared watching Pirates of the Caribbean at 4, my mother introduced him to it, and I flipped, but it's unfortunately been a slippery slope since then.

    Your little boys look like they are full of imagination.


  9. So cute Emma.... Thank god for little boys :) Jo xx

  10. Great shoes and I love that kid size Converse have arch support, a winner in my books :)
    Your boys are the coolest :)

  11. OMG Emma my little Flynn would be beside himself with these converse. I do not know how they know about super heros and the like, they just do, I think it in their programming lol. xx

  12. Kids always seem to dig the super heroes.



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