Thursday, November 3, 2011

so this is what has been keeping me busy....

The inside of the house has required some attention....  when we tackelled the original parts of the house internally we encountered some problems. The old termite damage is not the problem though... the floors weren't level and not one of the walls was straight!!!!  To put the new floor in and the new kitchen... we need level and straight.  Consequently, we have been very busy and as a result the blog and blog visits had to be put on hold.  Nevertheless, I have loved every minute of this renovation though and I have learnt so many new skills.  I have watched the tradesmen and Ross closely and am learning fast.  I feel confident helping to put gyprock up on a wall or ceiling and am quite the dab hand with a paint brush.  These days I don't even bother with the blue tape!

Life outside of the renovation has been equally busy.  Both my little pirates are growing fast.  There is so much to catch up on here and I have many blog posts planned but for the time being I will just document the last couple of months with some photos:

We spent a couple of weeks in Canberra, chez Grandma and Grandpa.

So we did a bunch of touristy stuff.

Canberra has some seriously cool playgrounds!

I can actually remember playing at this one, so it has to be around about 30 years old!

We went to the Fred Williams exhibition where Nicasso spent some time creating a Williams inspired masterpiece in the childrens room!

Every visit to Canberra the Captain asks to visit this installation by James Turrell in the grounds of the NGA.

Mt Stromlo (well what's left of it after the bushfires...)

The succulent garden in the backyard is finally starting to take off!

The bench seat in the dining room... can't wait till this is finished!

Front garden looking stunning at the moment.

Main bathroom is finished... we decided to go ahead and create the wet room area,  The best decision,  no more stressing about my two little ducks creating havoc in the bath. 

Halloween 2011... the little one is supposed to be Huckle Cat... he changed his mind at the last minute.  Fortunately, we did have some Lederhosen in the house. 

Ah well... I did my best with what we had in the house!


  1. I still just love your vanity. My next farm reno project is to "do up" our very old shearers quarters so that they can become guest accommodation. They are made of solid jarrah weather boards and hopefully the end result will be fantastic. I am definitely going to steal your vanity idea for the bathroom (I am going for what I like to call "rustic-luxe" as my decor theme- am so full of it!)

    Take care.

    PS - Am blogging again but only a little bit....

  2. You've put a big smile on my face from the start to finish of this post.
    It's so wonderful to have you 'back' and it's great to have a quick catch up on all that's been happening in the life of Chez You.

    Your bathroom looks A-Ma-Zing as does your garden, the little grey-blue succulent is delightful and I can imagine this section of the garden will be as glorious as your front yard once it gets a scoot along.

    The boys look like they've enjoyed lots of terrific adventures, and the last photo is priceless.

    Again, so happy to have you back in Blogland,
    Felicity x

  3. Oh Emma! How I have missed you, my friend. I'm so delighted to see a smattering of all that's been occupying you. That bench-seat has me so intrigued as I want one in *my room of my own* - I can't wait to see the end result! And the boys have grown so much! Just gorgeous. J x

  4. Welcome back! I've missed you! Bathroom looks amazing by the way! x

  5. I love your bathroom - the chandelier especially. The super cute halloween pic of your boys - it's so neat that you can see straight through your house.

    Glad you're alive and well. I was about to start checking the skies for smoke signals of distress.

  6. Your boys look so cute dressed up! And I LOVE your bathroom! Can't wait to see the kitchen!



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