Monday, August 29, 2011

The weekend...

Meet Percy:

I love him!  Made by a local artist, wish I could credit him/her! 

Apologies for the appalling photo, husband took it on my phone.  Lucky his job has nothing to do with photography!  Anyway, on Saturday night we attended the Ronald McDonald House Gala Ball which was lots of fun and excitingly they reached the target of a million dollars raised in one night!  Husband also acquired a signed jersey belonging to Cadel Evans from the 2011 Tour de France in the silent auction.  He has been instructed to hang it in his office.

On the Sunday my Mum and I took the opportunity to duck out and explore a nearby garden that was open for the weekend:

Set on 8 acres with meandering paths beside creeks, waterfalls, ponds and rainforest gully's. It was a fabulous place to wander through and explore.  Dotted throughout the garden were all sorts of lovely treasures.

Including this divine little fairy house. 

One of the highlights of the garden is Lily:

She reclines in the garden permanently! Her face is carved out of sandstone and her body is made from moss.  Truly magnificent!

The base of the waterfall, the water trickling down the rock has created a natural waterslide into the pool. The pirates would have loved to try it out!

The garden was also full of interesting plants.

Lastly, I think that this has probably done the blog rounds but as it is my favourite love song and now a love song to an iconic Sydney landmark I wanted to share it with anyone that might have somehow missed it:


  1. I love Percy, he is gorgeous!! Sounds like a fun night at the function you attended, my husband would be very jealous of your Cadel piece :) What a gorgeous garden you visited, I love the fairy home and am thinking of how I could make something similar for Grace in our garden. I like visiting Open Gardens here in Perth too. Have a lovely start to your week x

  2. What a great weekend Emma! I love your Percy, he is fabulous (your front entrance looks spectacular).

    Cadel!!! Oh my goodness! Congrats!

  3. Oh Emma, Percy is a classic! I bet the pirates love him. And thanks so much for adding that link at the end - it was my first time and I adored it. Now really homesick for Sydney...J x

  4. I love The Ship Song...

    Gorgeous garden. I totally agree re signed sporting memorabilia going to the office/shed/man space....

    Take care.

  5. Oh, the fairy house! And Lily! And the waterfall! And what IS that beautiful red plant? It's beautiful.

    I'm one of the few that hadn't seen the video yet, so thank you for sharing it.

  6. Does it feel like Spring yet? It looks so green & lush already. Thank you for a tour of a land so far away :) You make it all seem closer. XOL

  7. For a moment, I thought the local artist that made Percy was actually Ronald McDonald. I MUST learn to slow down and read things properly the first time!

    I love Percy, and that fairy house is gorgeous!

  8. Percy looks perfect on your porch!

    And you looked very glamorous. Mr. McD should have dressed up a bit more though.

  9. I do love Percy, he looks great there on your porch. He's such a wonderful piece of artwork to have on display outside:) I've never been to an open house before. It would be a great way to be inspired and to give you lots of ideas too. It looks like a beautiful garden. Have a great weekend Emma. x

  10. I do love Percy! And didn't you look gorgeous at the Gala? It sounds like you've been having a lovely time! Rachaelxx



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