Thursday, June 9, 2011

Photo Challenge - Day 8

"A bad habit..."

As you can see by the current state of our kitchen husband and I have our priorities sorted out! 

Our beloved Vibienne Domobar Super is the one thing we have ensured is always available and operable throughout this renovation.  Mr Vibi produces superb coffee, often far superior to the rubbish served up in many cafes.  Our beans of choice vary (favourites include Campos and Caffe Di Gabriel) but they must be freshly ground in Mrs Pavoni, the coffee grinder.  There is a Mr Pavoni coffee machine, he was our first.  A gift from my parents for my 25th birthday, They purchased him from a tiny shop on the Cinque Terre and carried him back in their hand luggage.  Are they my enablers?  Anyway, he holds a special place in my heart and thus is still enjoying his retirement Chez Pirate. He lives in relative luxury, in his original box.  As much as I loathe clutter I can't quite bring myself to pass him on.  He still produces a very decent coffee! Our other past love, Mr Gaggia, is enjoying a sea change at the beach house.  As you can see we take our bad habit seriously.


  1. It's like you have an Italian village living there. If Earl ever came to visit I'm sure he'd feel out if place!

  2. Oh no Julia! I have a cupboard devoted to Earl and his many siblings! x

  3. I like going out for coffee too much to have a machine. But there are fewer than a handful of cafes in Hobart that I trust. I'd love to pop over to your place for a brew!

  4. Ah caffeine addiction, my only companion since I quit smoking. I'm not at all discerning when it comes to my coffee, but I appreciate that quality in others ;-)



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