Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Photo Challenge - Day 6

"From a low angle"

We stopped off at the playground on our way home.  He started  off dressed like this.  By the time he got to the top he had discarded his blazer and cap... Did anyone else read Richmal Crompton's brilliant William books? 

Clearly, the Captain's school uniform assists with the resemblance, but their personalities are uncannily similar as well.  I need to start doing yoga or something.


  1. Great pictures! That uniform is fab!

  2. It's definitely much easier to climb higher without the blazer and cap on:) Cute photos Emma. xo

  3. Cute pictures, love his uniform! Yes I remember the William books he does remind me of them! So nice to have come across your blog, Catherine x

  4. Cutest uniform (and little boy!) ever! xxx



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