Monday, February 7, 2011

The Pirates make some Bontings

If you are unfamiliar with award winning childrens author Shirley Hughes, I highly recommend her wonderful books.  Written and illustrated by her they capture the everyday magic of childhood.  Timeless stories, illustrations with a minutiae of detail and charming characters.  Indeed, they are so brilliant that I actually don't mind reading them countless times. 

The Alfie Out of Doors storybook is a gorgeous collection of stories and poems about children playing outside.  One story tells the tale of Alfie's beloved stone Bonting.  Both Pirates have long adored this tale and have often asked if we could make some Bontings.  Finally, we got around to it:

Supplies were sourced from the garden!  And the craft box.

They were busy for nearly two hours!  (An excellent activity...)

These lovely stones are the little one's work.

The Captain made this gorgeous ladybird as a birthday present for his father.  R loved it and is going to use it as a paperweight.


  1. What a great project!

    I haven't heard of this author..I'll have to look her up at the library.

  2. I will look into this book at the library ... the little lady bug is very sweet (a thoughtful gift) hope you had a lovely weekend Emma x

  3. So adorable! My kids would love this craft :)

  4. Ah, a ripper, Emma. I'm bookmarking this one - thanks! J x

  5. A craft project that keeps the offspring occupied for TWO HOURS. Be still my madly beating heart. Love what the Captain made.

  6. Fantastic fantastic fantastic, Great looks of concentration on their facesI love that it kept them busy for so that long! And sourced from literature, what could be better?! X

  7. What a fabulous and fun activity...2 hours, wow!! I love that it directly links to a literacy experience as well!! Loving the bontings, your boys did such a fabulous job:) ~ Tina xx

  8. i have never seen this author but it sounds like it is perfect for us. thanks for sharing.



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