Monday, November 29, 2010

Swimming Pool Update and a visit to Abode Bazaar

We have had a rather industrious weekend at Pirate HQ.  My parents have been up visiting, which has been lovely as R and I were able to complete various tasks around the house.  Often a challenge when small children are "helping" or feeling needy, so it was fabulous to have some extra pairs of hands!  One of the main jobs on my to do list was to source some pots similar to the one above.   My mission was unsuccessful unfortunately, however at Abode Bazaar in Willoughby (one of my favourites!) I found some other lovely pots that I decided were perfect anyway!

This is one of the new Abode pots with a lovely Bromeliad in it, I so love the aged, stone effect of the pots.  They remind me of the gardens in India for some reason.  Whereas, my blue and white china pot makes me think of KL and Singaporean gardens ( that particular pot was purchased years ago when we were on posting in KL though.):

Another to do list job was to complete the landscaping around the swimming pool.  R has been pottering away at it for the last few months slowly but having my Dad around for a few days, they both got stuck into it and I am truly impressed with the result.  The stone is from Eco Outdoor and is  the Random Ashlar "Clancy" one and they did it themselves!  In one day!  R also did all of the decking himself, that did take a fair bit longer than one day though!

In this photo you can see the pile of stone that was delivered.  They then stuck each piece of stone onto the cement sheeting, fitting the pieces together like a puzzle.  The more random the better it looked we decided!

My Dad hard at work,(R is cracking the whip somewhere in the background!):

The end result!  (Ignore garden and pool furniture for now, still working on those parts...).  Although, you can admire the lovely new glass pool fence!:


  1. daaannngg! I love the stone wall and that glass pool surround...beautiful. I can't wait to see the pool!

  2. Your pool renovation is looking fantastic and love your pots.

  3. Looks great, I am so jealous, would love a pool, although we do have an inflatable one ;-p

  4. Um. Just logged onto the Quantas website. Expect visitors at your doorstep this weekend. ;)

  5. Hi Emma,
    I've 'discovered' you via Jane at Planet Baby and have enjoyed reading through your posts this morning and learning a little about your life and loves.

    You have created a lovely space here and a wonderfully warm home with Ross and the pirates.

    Thank you for sharing all that you have, I look forward to following along,

    Felicity x



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