Friday, October 1, 2010

Pirate Party - the Invitations

So this is what I have spent my morning doing!  I copied a treasure map image I found through google images, faded it to make a background and then typed the invitation wording across the top. The font is blackadder.  Once printed, I cut out the invitation and dunked it in a baking tray of very strong tea.  Singed the edges with a lighter and lastly, tied with twine!

I think I will have to hand deliver them!


  1. Ahoy,
    I LOVE them!!! oh the Captain must be very very happy.
    Toilet training just happened...he decided to do it himself..hhmmm has made it all very easy i must say.

  2. fantastic...I may just have to add this to the party section of the BT...or should I wait for further installments ;)

  3. So perfect! I love that font. At first I thought you did calligraphy!

    The background images are fantastic too.

  4. Thanks ladies!

    Sarah, how clever is your little man! Well done!

    Jen, I am going to make swords etc, so there will be more! I drove past your old apartment building yesterday! You would not believe how bad the traffic in Clovelly is now... or maybe it has always been like that and I never realised!

    Julia, if only you could see my illegible scrawl!

  5. How's the party planning going? I'm feeling gulity - my baby turns 5 in a month or so and we decided not to do a party this year.

  6. Oh Julia! Don't feel guilty! As long as you celebrate the occasion with her she will still feel like a special birthday girl! We don't do the big party every year either.

  7. You're very talented! Beautifully done and your son is one lucky boy! I'm too lazy to do anything like that though... Kaho



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