Thursday, August 12, 2010

Seriously... my parents actually were awesome!

I love this site, there is something very special about it. In particular, the reminder that lives were lived before children. Every photo that I have of my husband and I (pre-boys) I have examined closely, wondering if one day it will be selected to be uploaded!

Here are my parents... looking young and fabulous on holidays in PNG (I think?)!

Another photo of my mother (and baby me!) looking glamourous. We were on posting in Cambodia then and I have to remind myself that she had servants, and thus had the time and energy to look glamourous in every photograph!

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  1. Hi Emma,
    What a great site and really touching post...great photographs and yes it does make you think! oh, and a really talented friend of mine took those pregnancy photographs of me and the ones of my little one when he was about 6 months. (my husband would love to claim them as his though)!!! ha enjoy your weekend.



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