Sunday, May 23, 2010

A week in Melbourne

Husband had to work in Melbourne for a week so we thought that, as he might miss us, we should join him there! His plans for sleeping in and glamorous evenings out in Melbourne were foiled... instead he had the pleasure of waking up to the boys screaming "hot air balloons" at 6am every morning for a week...

We had a wonderful time in Melbourne though, husband of course had to work during the day so we spent our days exploring and visiting friends and family. Our first morning, after the excitement of the hot air balloons, the Captain asked over and over again, "If I promise to be really, really good will you please take me on a tram?" Thankfully, there was a stop for the free City Circle tram right outside our hotel. We did numerous rounds of the city and the boys never tired of it!

We visited the Melbourne Museum. We had been intending to visit the Titanic Artefact Exhibition as the Captain had seen posters promoting it across Melbourne and was mesmerised as I told him the tragic story of the ship featured in the ads. Then as we were walking towards the Museum he casually asked "So how did they get the ship into the Museum?" Once I explained that the ship was still on the ocean floor (where she had sunk!) and that there were only artefacts from the ship on display, his enthusiasm had waned somewhat. Luckily, the Museum had a marvellous kids section and even better... dinosaurs! They loved it!

Time at Federation Square was spent chasing pigeons...

Mummy wanted to visit the cake supplies shop, so cup cakes had to purchased as the word cake had been said aloud...

The bribery was worth it, the cake shop that I found via Allyson from The Lark was well worth the visit. I stocked up on some gorgeous cup cake cases, icing colours and cup cake toppers, I can't wait till the next birthday party!

The Captain even managed to entertain himself while I enjoyed my coffee...

A wonderful week away!


  1. Emma, these photos are fantastic! Sorry I haven't dropped in before now - it's been awful not being able to connect to friends! Did I read correctly that your husband had a heart attack on your honeymoon? Scary stuff. I can imagine the jokes afterwards (once he was ok):) Thanks for your lovely, encouraging words. It's appreciated more than you could possibly know. Meredy xo.

  2. Emma, you take the most SUPERB photos. I am in awe. You capture moments so beautifully.

    xx Ave



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