Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Make and Do: The Volcano!!!

Inspired by nature (and a few other clever Mamas who have made these for their broods recently) we built ourselves a volcano. The Captain was put to work ripping up bits of paper for the papier-mache volcano and valley.

We then borrowed a bit of plywood from Daddy's supplies under the house to use as the base of the volcano. An old tin can was used as the volcano crater and some take-away containers helped pad out the rest of the volcano. We used a basic papier-mache recipe of flour and water to construct the rest.

All our hard work completed the volcano was set to dry out in the afternoon sunshine.

We were so proud of ourselves and then disaster, in the form of a very cheeky brushtail possum, struck. Very late at night we heard unusual sounds on our back deck. Ross, sent to investigate, discovered that a possum was eating our beautiful volcano! The culprit was caught on security camera and further invesigations are pending!
In the morning we surveyed the damage to our volcano and decided it was repairable.

Repairs underway:
After another day in the sunshine the volcano was ready to paint:

Finally, it was ready for the Captain to take to Pre-School for show and tell. His pre-school teacher helped him mix the ingredients for the chemical reaction.

The eruption!

Apparently the class loved it!


  1. Fantastic Emma, watch this space for a special Brothers Trimm feature!

  2. That's amazing - what a great project to beaver away on all weekend. I'm having fun reading through some of your old posts - cup of tea beside me, sitting with Doots who is watching Playschool after a busy morning.

  3. Thanks Sarah! It lasted for ages as well despite the numerous eruptions and vigorous play! Playschool rocks! It is one of the few programs I don't feel guilty letting them watch! x



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