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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Make and Do" a Pirate Ship

Inspired by the amazing Dawn Treaders that Lier of Ikat Bag made with her girls, (I found Lier via The Brothers Trimm), The Captain and I made a pirate ship. We carefully read all the tips and instructions provided by Lier and then sat d0wn with the glue gun and an old cardboard box.

I roughly sketched outlines onto the cardboard with a pencil and then cut them out. We glued all the bits together using a hot glue gun. (This was probably the highlight for Nicholas, he asked if he could have a glue gun for his birthday!).

We made the mast out of a kebab stick and a paddle pop stick. I cut the sharpish end of the stick off after we had used it to puncture holes through the cardboard and the sail.

He loves it. Tomorrow we shall add the helm, anchor and life boat. In the meantime, Captain Blunderbuss (The Captain's altarego), has taken some Little People and lego men as hostages.


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