Saturday, July 21, 2012

Skiing Thredbo

We have just returned from a fabulous week away at the snow and on our second night it snowed!  The boys were beyond delighted as they ran around outside in their pjs/thermals.  We sort of half managed to get them dressed before they escaped outside and engaged themselves in a snowball fight.

We booked the boys into Thredboland every day and I highly recommend it.  The Captain has also attended ski school at Perisher but was a bit luke warm about it.  This year was his first time at Thredbo and it was the little one's first trip to the snow, previous trips he has been dropped off in Canberra to spend quality time with Grandma and Grandpa. Thredboland was fantastic.  They kept the boys together at our request and the instructors that they had for the week were brilliant.  Both boys started off skiing Friday Flat on the magic carpet and by the end of the week had achieved the Captain's ambition of moving up to skiing Merritt's.  R and I ran into them both with their instructor as they were in the line to get onto the Cruiser Chair and The Captain was proud as punch that he was skiing the same terrain that we were! Speaking of Merritt's if skiing Thredbo and looking for somewhere reasonable to eat lunch on the mountain I can definitely recommend Merritts Mountain House.  The food was fantastic, we especially loved the Austrian Goulash and the styling of the restaurant is seriously gorgeous!  There is the most amazing collection of enamelware on display and whoever styled it is another Sound of Music fan, there were references to the movie everywhere.  Every meal we ate there I was wishing I had brought the camera! The photo below is from their site and is just a glimpse of the great styling and vintage enamelware decorating the restaurant. 

Sadly, the days of apres-ski are well and truly over for us... instead we spent several afternoons at the Thredbo Leisure Centre.  The boys adored the waterside and there is a convenient row of chairs placed in front of it for parents and carers to observe their charges at play.  For older kids there is one of those inflatable obstacle courses which also looked great fun.

The baby looks tiny coming down the slide but he was by far it's biggest fan, we had to drag him out of the pool when it was time to go home for dinner:

I know many people are very dismissive of skiing in Australia.  The snow is fairly unreliable and the runs are relatively short if you have skied abroad.  Even so I believe that skiing in Australia is one of the most beautiful places in the world to ski. The snow gums and their myriad of colours dotting the edges of the runs are truly beautiful and nowhere else in the world will you be able to spot wombat footprints in the snow from the chairlift.   I don't think I have ever been disappointed in the experiences that I have had skiing the Australian resorts.   From the wonderful holidays I spent at Guthega and Thredbo as a child with school friends to the many ski trips that R and I went on before we had the boys and now to the wonderful memories we are creating at the snow with our own children.  


  1. Looks like you had a great time. We skied every year on these slopes, the girls firstvput skies on when they were two. Many happy days to remember. Cant wait to get Rowan on the slopes.

  2. Wow what a wonderful looking holiday! Sounds like the boys had a ball. We've never done a ski holiday but I think we might try it next year. See you soon chickie. xx

  3. Thredbo rocks.
    My kids love being milo kids, and yes hooray for decent food on the mountain! No more cold soggy chips with sauce ....

  4. Snow, skiing, holidays and children....what a perfect holiday combination. I bet they slept well after a long day on the slopes. I too am a shameless 'Sound of Music Fan' sister went to the Von Trapp House in Saltzburg years and years and years ago and said that they still had some of the curtains that Maria made the children's clothes from. I was utterly entranced and still hope to see it for myself one day. Was watching 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' last night and Captain Von Trapp was in Henrik Vanger. He's a bit long in the tooth now, unfortunately! At least was able to console myself with watching Daniel Craig! Rx

  5. What a fabulous trip! Love Thredbo - we had shares in a lodge at Thredbo so went there every year as a kid until I was about 12. Haven't done a trip with the kids yet but would love to....although with another baby on the way it may sadly be quite a while! Mel x

  6. What a great time. We love Thredbo and hope to get down there early September. I spent many years there as a kid and worked there for a season in 1990. I absolutely adore that place. Know what you mean about no apres ski these days. Glad you like Thredboland for the kiddos. Isn't it amazing how quickly they progress?


  7. What a super wonderful holiday for your boys. Fresh snow and waterslides! Does life get any better for small boys? I have skied Hotham and NZ but agree that Aussie resorts have something wonderful about them. At Hotham you can ski all the way home to your chalet, total wonderful. Maybe in another year we would be up for this too. melx

  8. What fun it sounds like you all had - and how wonderful for it to have snowed!! Thanks for sharing your photos x

  9. What a wonderful experience for your boys to have. One day I must plan a holiday for all of us to see the snow, I've never been to the snow before myself. I just know all of us would love going, not sure about the skiing I'm very unco-ordinated;) x



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