Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Captain - The Pirate Party

I woke on Saturday morning to the Captain standing next to the bed, fully dressed in his pirate outfit.  It was 6.03 am and the first thing he said was, "how long until everyone gets here?"  Blinking in the light shining in through the shutters he had opened, I was so thrilled to see it was a beautiful day. 

A sign outside the house welcoming our guests!

Eye-patches, bandannas, cutlasses and hats ready to hand out to the little pirates.

Warning sign on the pool fence.  As the decking is still unfinished we wanted to avoid anyone going into this part of the garden for safety reasons.

Baby Pirate.

The ship cake.


The "thank you for coming" favours.  We wrapped little chocolate bars in gold paper as "ingots" and the skull shaped cookie cutter I found on the Thurs at Aldi of all places, after trying all the more obvious baking suppliers unsuccessfully!

Finally, some pirates arrived and so did Pirate Peacock.  From the moment these little pirates spotted Pirate Peacock sauntering down our street, lugging his pirate chest full of treasure, they were mesmerised.  Apparently he had docked his ship nearby and was looking for some buccaneers. 

Pass theTreasure Chest.

Tug-O-War (the little pirates LOVED this activity!)

Even this super-cute Pirate Princess had to walk the plank for being rude to the Queen.  (Pirate Peacock was also very funny!)

The Treasure Hunt

Where is that treasure?  The X is on the ship wrecked dinghy!

Finally they found it and had to whack it open with their cutlasses to get to the Pieces of Eight!

The Captain and his cake.

Thank you for coming to my party! 

For those that have asked about Pirate Peacock contact:

He was absolutely fantastic!  Brilliant at keeping in character and entertaining the children, I could not recommend him more highly!


  1. Oh Emma...such fun! you did a wonderful job and baby pirate - just so cute!
    I love the cake and the little party favours - so very funny that the pirate was up, dressed and standing next to you at 6.03!
    Happy Birthday to the captain...x

  2. This looks like the best party! I love your party favors. And the walking the plank - I'm thinking of incorporating that around here with the kids - so cute! And you have the most adorable pirates of your own. What a wonderful day.

  3. Fantastic looking party Emma! So many little details. And a super cake - what a triumph of baking and decorating and love! And your boys are so beautiful (but you knew that) :)

    I'm sure the Captain will remember his fifth birthday party forever!

  4. What a stunning effort, Emma! My, you had it planned down to the last detail. The Captain is so lucky to have you as his mum! Is Pirate Peacock for hire? J x

  5. Thanks ladies!

    Jane, yes he is and I could not recommend him more highly. So many people said that he was the best party entertainer that they had ever seen!

  6. Brilliant! What a fun party and the kids were so cute dressing up as pirates! I love seeing all the photos. I felt like I was there. You did a lot to prepare for this party. Kudos to you. I cannot imagine the time and efforts you have poured into this to make the party happen for your son. It's the pure love! Beautiful cake and great cupcakes. Treasure hunt is such a great idea for a party game and I love the party favor you made. Everything was beautifully done and planned!

  7. Great party!!! :)
    Looks like so much fun, and your little captain shares a bday with my nephew!

  8. this is all so fun...happy celebrating.

  9. absolutely amazing!!
    looks like such a great day full of excitement & adventure.

  10. Hi Emma, looks like I missed a lot of great posts while I was away. Finally some time to catch up :) What a fantastic party! My son would love it and looks like so much fun!

  11. What little boy wouldn't love this pirate party?! Kudos for planning and executing every last detail with so much love.



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