Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mayhem Chez Pirates!

An eventful few days were had at Pirate HQ whilst R was away in Melbourne playing golf, staying at a glamorous hotel and dining at establishments like Gordon Ramsay's new restaurant. He had lobster and apparently it was outstanding, can you tell I am a teeny bit jealous...

Incident 1.  The Snake

The Captain announced calmly to me from the french doors that lead out into the garden, "Mummy, there is a snake in the garden"  the calmness of this statement threw me and I ignored him!  In my defence, I was thinking to myself that it must be a stick he is looking at.  A second, more urgent sounding "Mummy, there is a snake in the garden" got my attention though and I got up to have a look.

"Get inside the house and shut all the doors and windows!" I screeched, grabbing the phone to call husband and seek his advice on what to do.  Of course he was in Melbourne playing golf.  Admittedly and in his defence, it was a charity match raising money for Ronald McDonald House, however at that point in time I was outraged that he was not at my beck and call.  He suggested I ring WIRES.  They were very helpful and identified the snake as a non-venomous tree snake!  Phew! 

Incident 2. The demise of the Dishwasher

Out of frustration and to punish husband for his neglectful absence in my time of need I went and bought myself a shiny new Miele dishwasher and to go with it a lovely new Miele oven.  Well, it was on special and that never happens with Miele.  Plus, our stove top is Miele, so now everything matches and looks lovely!

Incident 3. The Power Failure

Tree-loppers across the road  in their attempt to remove some Bangalow Palms managed to accidentally knock down a giant Strezlitzia straight onto the power lines! No power for hours, this was merely inconvenient compared to incident 4 though.

Incident 4.  The Wardrobe Malfunction

I left the house at half-past eight and dropped the Captain off at pre-school.  Then with the baby went to do the shopping, pottered around Spotlight buying party items, had a coffee and some lunch and then visited several of my favourite junk shops.  During the course of the day I chatted with numerous people, but it was not until half-past two when I went to collect the Captain from school, that one of the other lovely Mums sidled up to me and whispered in my ear, "Emma, your dress is on inside out!" I was mortified! I have decided to blame R for this incident. If he had been at home he might have perhaps noticed such a significant wardrobe malfunction.  Also I might not have been so  distracted (see incidents one, two and three). 

Thankfully, throughout the mayhem, my two little pirates were angels... thank you boys! 

 P.S. I love my new oven and dishwasher and it made walking around the northern beaches with my frock on inside out all better, admittedly some rather extravagant retail therapy though!


  1. Oh, Emma, too funny! The dress, that is, not the snake! Oh my, you have had a lot to deal with. I hope R brings you back a present. And you lucky duck, Miele = heaven ☺. J x

  2. PS I just posted this at 7.19 pm ☺ J x

  3. Ii is funny now... at the time I was close to tears! Finally worked out how to adjust the time settings, thanks Jane!

  4. I kind of have a "kill first, ask questions later" policy on snakes. Ew.

    Oo, la la. on the dishwasher! It is vitally important that your appliances be matching. Recent studies show that matching appliances makes them work more efficiently (just in case your husband reads your blog).

    I have worn my shirt inside out twice. Once, I was wondering why everyone in the grocery store was being so nice. Later, when I saw my shirt, I realized that they probably felt sorry for me.

  5. Emma you funny girl! I can tell from reading your blog that you're together, smart and stylish. Which is what makes the inside out dress hilarious - but I can understand the mortification!

    And a tree snake! It actually looks kind of pretty when you know it's not poisonous!

  6. oh, you have been busy Emma...the dress - hilarious! and the snake...well thank goodness for the captain!

  7. this made me laugh out load. you are a brave soul for sharing number four. you so deserve a new oven and dishwasher.

  8. What a great post Emma.

    Hey, I'm with you babe... At school (where I work) on Friday while I was taking photos of the building works (one of my weekly jobs) I noticed when I took my last shot (#36) that my skirt was caught up in my undies!!!! Very humiliating... I fixed it up and walked briskly to the office and burst out laughing.

    Hey, what else can you do when these things happen!!

    So glad the snake wasn't anything more dangerous. Far out. I would have been so scared. You handled it so well...

    Then the power failure... You poor thing.

    Yeh about the Miele appliances...

    And a big yeh to your beautiful, boys. Total angels. Such great shots of them. They're so, so cute!!

    P.S. Thanks for your lovely comment about my driftwood fish too! Px



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