Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My two whirlwinds of destruction and mayhem!

I know, they look innocent enough and thankfully most of the time they are, when they get up to mischief however it can reach levels of unprecedented destruction.  The most recent incident of fairly catastrophic proportions happened a few weeks ago.  I am only really ready to talk blog about it now.

We eat out regularly.   R and I love food and dining out and we are hoping that by exposing the boys to some fabulous restaurants and dining experiences we are doing our bit to raise them as little gourmands.  Perhaps we have even been a touch too smug about our little foodies that happily join us at the table, quietly colouring in or reading whilst we scan the menu and savour the wine list.  All smugness has been abandoned however in the aftermath of our first dining out disaster and it was at one of the most spectacularly located restaurants in Sydney, Le Kiosk at Shelley Beach

A lovely little restaurant located literally metres from the sands of Shelley Beach.  It really is the most picturesque location and the restaurant itself is definitely a bit more sophisticated that your average neighbourhood restaurant which makes what happened even more mortifying!

So... as we entered the restaurant R and I waited at the door to be seated and the boys were just behind us.  As I was saying to the waiter... booking under the name of ****** I caught they boys out of the corner of my eyes making their way over to the mirrored wall that runs the length of the restaurant behind all the tables.  Presumably to reflect the view for any diners not facing out towards the spectacular view... but before the waiter had even managed to look up our reservation disaster struck: 

The boys were making faces at themselves in the mirror.
The Captain picked up the little one.
The little one howled in protest and kicked his feet off the wall.
Everything started to move in slow motion, yet Ross and I were paralysed with horror.
The Captain fell sideways into a table set for four.
The table teetered and then tipped over.
A chair quickly followed it.
Both boys fell to the ground.
Four sets of cutlery, glassware and crockery hit the floor.
After the initial crescendo of crashing glassware and smashing crockery, the silence was deafening.
The kitchen staff came out to see what happened.
Time started to accelerate suddenly for some reason.
Both boys emerged from the scene of destruction completely unscathed despite all the hazards they were surrounded by. 
The little one started to cry.
The Captain walked out of the restaurant tears dripping and marched straight across to the far side of the beach (well out of reach of everyone!)
R whispered to me out of the corner of his mouth, "we need to leave immediately!"
I curtly announced out of the corner of my mouth, "definitely not, we need to order up big time and leave a massive tip!"

And, that's exactly what we did. To the credit of the staff they were amazing, Ross and I tried to clean it all up but we were ushered straight to a table and wisely handed a wine list.  A soothing glass of wine later and an apology to the staff from Nicholas and I felt (a little) better.  The meal we had was excellent and the service, considering what had happened was impeccable.  I highly recommend it, just make sure you have a meal during daylight hours to take advantage of the magnificent setting and maybe don't tell them that we sent you!


  1. Well played Em, true grace under pressure.

    I would have been with Ross but you were right to stay, not just for the boys but for yourselves, some powerful lessons here.

    Big hug from afar,

  2. Jaysus! I can empathise, stuff like that happens to us nearly every time we bring our boys out to dinner ;-)

  3. OMGoodness! what a nightmare!
    thanks goodness it all worked out well in the end.
    sure I've eaten there - but it was years and years ago.
    great spot.
    C xx

  4. Okay, seriously, can you laugh about it at all yet? I really thought the story was going to go like this..."kicked his feet off the wall. Everything started to move in slow motion...the mirror came unglued from the wall and started slowly toppling into the restaurant...The Captain and the pirate were trapped under a table...so, I guess it could have been worse?

    Fair warning..if I ever get to that beach, you may see me get a glazed look on my face, walk directly into the water and fall face forward with my arms stretched out.

  5. Oh wow, i was holding my breath expecting it to be the mirror shattering I must say! It sounds like the restaurant is amazing to have dealt with the situation so well. You have just given them the best recommendation for families ever!

  6. Cripes, Emma! You do have such tales to tell - I'm still recovering from your honeymoon ones ☺. You poor darling. How horrendous. Plaudits to the staff for handling it so well. J x

  7. Love that restaurant and love the way you tell the story. I feel your pain but I'm sure the wine and beautiful food helped to soothe you.

    The world needs more gourmands so I admire your style.
    Carolyn xx

  8. i thought you were going to say the entire wall of mirrors came down...see could have been worse. good lesson for the boys though. x

  9. Oh no. Our children like to test us don't they sometimes but it sounds like all of you handled it so well. I bet your boys won't be mucking around again. What a beautiful place to sit and enjoy a meal, that view is gorgeous. xx



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