Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Captain's Bush Detectives Party

So.. this was a little while ago, but for the sake of posterity I thought I should document the event with a few photos:

Yes... they came across three of them during the course of the party and yes... it is a Red Belly Black Snake.

Happy Sixth Birthday Captain!  At six years old you are a passionate Lego engineer and can spend hours either creating a masterpiece of your own design or following the instructions to build the model.   Playmobil, Superstructs, the vintage Thunderbirds toys, craft and reading are your other biggest passions.  Your favourite books are The Secret Seven series, The Magic Tree House, The Famous Five and more recently the Just So Stories.  It started off with me reading to you and now we are taking turns at reading pages to each other. 

You love school and regularly tell me that you are friends with everyone in your class.  You often play goodies and baddies and divide yourselves into Teams which you refer to as the BB Team and the Fairy House Team.  You leave the house for school looking pristine and come home filthy.  At school this year you have learnt how to play chess, the basics of fencing, about respect, to recite verses of Shakespeare, about friendship, the Pause and you earnt so many Merit cards that I could probably wallpaper a wall in your room with them!  Your buddy Ethan from the sixth class helped you settle in and was a great role model for you.  You will miss him next year when he goes off to high school.   

At home when you are not busy destroying our backyard with your brother creating dams and construction sites, you love to swim in the pool, swing on the swing out the front (you both LOVE that swing), have your dad (not so much me) throw a cricket ball for you to bat and throw paper planes off the deck.  You keep pestering me to get you some more tadpoles.  You are onto your third Venus Fly Trap plant, you solemnly promised not to feed this one any insects and so far so good.  I think it is about 4-5 months old now!

Your favourite food is pizza made by your Dad.  Your favourite DVDs are The Thunderbird Movie, The Adventures of Clutch Powers, the Lego Megafactories Documentary, Tom and Jerry and Miniscule.  I am pleased to say that you really have no idea about computers and certainly have no clue what a DS or Wii are.  Please let it stay that way for as long as possible my darling! 

You told me once that you are my precious and it is quite right, you truly are my precious boy.


  1. What a truly fabulous little man The Captain is and I love the way you've recorded everything here for him to look back on in years to come.

    For the record the party looks brilliant.
    Jelly snakes = big tick......the real slitherin = me climbing a tree!

    Happy day!

  2. Happy birthday to your precious and very special boy. What a fantastic young man you have Emma. I love the look of that party, very cool but a little scary with the red belly black snake:) xo

  3. What a neat guy! I love all of the party treats and food - although, we had grubs in our yard and I can't even look at pretend ones now!

    My 6 year old Lego girl would definitely have fun playing with your Lego boy!

  4. You're going to make me cry! What a beautiful note to your son, I love it. That's my kind of party too. Lots of reptiles. He must have had so much fun. Thank you for your comment about the shop, have a lovely weekend..Rachaelxx

  5. Other than the snakes, that looks like it was lots of fun! What a gorgeous memory for Lego Boy and such lovely thoughts from you. I'm sure he will treasure them in years to come :)

  6. What a brilliant birthday party - LOVE it! Your boy is beautiful too...what a sweet little gem.

  7. this is such a great party! i bet everyone had fun;)

  8. I am so stealing your bush theme birthday party ideas - the furry friends, the frogs in the billabongs, the native fauna topped cake - I love it all (except that snake in the grass... ssssss)

    So lovely to record all the details about your boys life right now - they grow up so quickly and it's going to be so much fun for him to read that down the track. I laughed at your comments about the Venus fly trap - such a boy!

  9. Oh Emma. What a gorgeous post. Goodness, Nicholas and Joshua have so much in common! You fabulous mama for recording these details so beautifully. Well done, my friend. J x

  10. Happy belated birthday to your gorgeous boy! He sounds like a lovely boy with wonderful qualities any Mum would be proud of. What a great place for a little boy's birthday - I love the bush food :)

  11. Emmmmmmaaaaaaaa!

    Happy New Year!



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